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BlueJeans - COO - Stu Aaaron

Stu Aaron

Chief Strategy Officer

Stu provides Blue Jeans Network with more than 20 years proven experience in technology marketing, product management, and business development, having played principal roles in multiple highly successful startup ventures across multiple industries. Stu was most recently the Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Bloom Energy a recognized leader in clean tech. In his five years at Bloom, Stu was responsible for all facets of marketing, product management, business development, and government affairs as the company experienced rapid growth and built a strong brand. Stu was the architect behind Bloom's blockbuster launch on "60 Minutes" in February 2010.

Prior to Bloom, Stu held the roles of Vice President of Marketing, Product Management, and Business Development at Topspin Communications, which was acquired by Cisco Systems in May 2005. Before Topspin, Stu spent three years at CacheFlow Inc., where he held the positions of Vice President of Marketing and Product Management and led the company through a highly successful IPO. Prior to CacheFlow, Stu was the Assistant Vice President of Marketing in the IP and Internetworking Product Group at Newbridge Networks Inc., and an Industry Analyst with the Network Strategies Practice of Ernst & Young. Stu has also held a variety of research and development positions at 3M Corporation and National Semiconductor Corporation and holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. Stu also has the honor of having introduced Blue Jeans' co-founders to one another in 2008.

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