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Primetime Series -Blue Jeans On-demand Videocast

What Does it Mean to Have an Enterprise-Grade Collaboration Solution?

View this 45-minute video session for a deep-dive on the factors to consider when developing your video conferencing strategy, how to expand the reach and capabilities of that strategy, and why it's far more complicated than simply giving everyone an online conferencing tool.

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Primetime Series - Let's Do Video- On-demand Videocast

Put a Face on Your Company Events

View this fast-paced 45-minute session to understand how today's technologies can help you truly engage your audience, whoever they may be. Hint: it involves providing 2-way video capabilities to everyone!

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Primetime Series - Linaro- On-demand Videocast

Find your Match - Talent Shines Over Video

Watch this videocast to learn how Linaro leverages video to differentiate their recruiting process, attract new talent and boast credibility to their brand.

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Primetime Series - Wainhouse- On-demand Videocast

Don't Become a Conferencing Service Hostage

After many years of helping enterprises make difficult decisions, Wainhouse Research has compiled a list of the key areas to consider and questions to ask before signing on the dotted line. View this videocast to learn their 7 criteria for making a responsible cloud video conferencing decision.

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Wharton and Internet2 - On-demand Videocast

Wharton Connects Students and Faculty Outside of the Classroom

Watch this videocast to learn how the Wharton School leveraged cloud-based video conferencing to connect students, staff and faculty across distances and how the Internet2 Network and NET+ Initiative has created an unparalleled communication platform for the higher education community.

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Gigaom - On-demand Videocast

Analyst Roundtable - Connecting with the '3D' Workforce:
Distributed, Discontinuous, Decentralized

Join GigaOm Research for this analyst roundtable about how to connect the fragmented 3D workforce by leveraging cloud-based video conferencing.

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Healthcare - On-demand Videocast

Mobile Health for the Masses:
How Video is Mobilizing Patient Care

Slalom Consulting will tell us how a Blue Jeans customer, Seattle Children's Hospital, is enhancing patient care through the use of mobile video conferencing.

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On-demand CIO.COM video interview - Alagu Periyannan

Video Conferencing: A Dive Into the Industry's Hottest New Trends

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Alagu Periyannan
Blue Jeans Network
Bill Laberis
Editorial Director Enterprise

On-demand Videocast Forrester Research

Preparing for Impact:
How to Manage the Explosion of Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing

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Phil Karcher
Forrester Research
Aspen Moulden
Product Marketing Manager
Blue Jeans Network

On-demand Videocast with IMCCA's Dr. S. Ann Earon

Enabling every meeting with Video Collaboration

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Dr S. Ann Earon
President - TRI
Founding Chairperson - IMCCA

Dave Crilley
VP of Marketing
Tely Labs Inc.
James Matheson
VP of Marketing
Blue Jeans Network

Multipoint Video Conferencing - On-demand Videocast

Unleashing the Potential of Video in the Unified Communications World

Robb Woods
Learn more about the different approaches that can help deploy a single unified video strategy within the enterprise connecting your Unified Communciations platform as well as your room video system infrastructure.

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The Core of Multipoint Video Conferencing: The MCU

Robb Woods
Learn more about how the MCU has evolved over time to deliver true multiplatform video conferencing service.

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Multipoint Video Conferencing: A deeper dive into VC's most talked about feature

Robb Woods
Learn about the video conferencing industry's hottest trend and how it will revolutionize the communications and business landscape.

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From Strategy to Deployment:
Identifying the Right Endpoint Mix for Every Size Organization

Robb Woods
As collaboration technologies evolve and the demand for video conferencing solutions continue to increase, it is important for today's IT leaders to ensure they understand the different endpoint mix options available to them. In part four of this videocast series, we'll explore and walk you through the different usage scenarios and selection criteria and highlight some of the options available to you.

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The Future of Video Communication in the Enterprise

GigaOM Pro Analyst Roundtable

Michael Wolf
Vice President of Research
GigaOM Pro

Dave Michels
Analyst, Talking Pointz and Member Analyst,
GigaOM Pro
Alagu Periyannan
Blue Jeans Network

Nick Lippis
CEO/Industry Analyst/Consultant
Lippis Enterprise’s Inc.

Video Killed the Radio Star - On-demand Videocast

Video Killed the Radio Star

Hosted by: Fistful of Talent
Learn more on how collaboration tools and the BYOD movement are reshaping the way HR pros Gget S#*T done.

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