I love video. Today, I am lucky enough to be able to use the product I’m selling, in order to sell it. Before I came to Blue Jeans, I was stuck making boring audio calls to my customers wondering to myself, “Is he even listening? Did she get my joke? Do they have a need?”

I no longer have to sit on the lonely end of a phone and wish I wasn’t an inside sales rep so I could go see them in person. Even when I used the old school, web-based services for my demos with customers, something always went wrong with one person’s ability to connect and I would have to scrap the whole call and have a Plan B. Not to mention I still had no idea if they were listening to me while I showed slide after slide of my precious presentations because I couldn’t look them in the eye.

If Mr. Smith at Acme Co., is nodding his head at what I'm saying, I know he's with me and understands what I'm saying. But if he were slumping in his chair or has a confused look, I immediately know to adjust my pitch and to go back and clarify what I'm saying. This is the magic of video - instantaneous feedback!

Within my first week of working at Blue Jeans Network and using video to speak with prospects I was a changed woman. I could now wave at the person I was speaking with; smile at him or her so they would see that I’m not just an annoying voice that calls every Tuesday and Thursday.  I actually know now what my network looks like because I’ve met them over video. Inviting someone to meet with me face-to-face over video instead of dialing a conference line is what sets me apart from everyone else that calls that person.

I guarantee that connecting with people on video is easier than you think it is. Imagine if you could send an invite with a link in it to anyone you want, just like you would with any other meeting invite. Your participant clicks the link and joins with whatever video endpoint they have at their disposal – and poof! You’ve built a stronger relationship by looking them in the eyes and showing them you’re a professional that they should take seriously.

And now it's even better, if you’re using Blue Jeans, because it integrates with Salesforce; which means that you don’t even have to leave your browser tab to start a meeting with a prospect… tools like these make my job foolproof. Productivity is up, revenue is up, my sales cycles are shorter, and cold calling just got a lot more fun.

Video is my secret sales weapon.