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What Is Video Conferencing Software
Benefit from BlueJeans Video Conferencing

Realize the immense impact of face-to-face communication has on productivity and relationship building. Opt for a solution that would be easy to use, affordable and manageable.

Why Blue Jeans video conferencing software?

From your conference room video system, you can have a Blue Jeans meeting with other conference room systems, computers, and mobile devices. Key features include:

  • Interoperability: Blue Jeans provides connectivity to both consumer based and enterprise grade video conferencing software such as Google, Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber along with any standards-based video conferencing system It allows businesses to meet using their existing devices and applications instead of being forced to use unfamiliar applications.
  • Ease of Use - Hosting meetings is incredibly easy using Blue Jeans. Simple scheduling, including integration with Microsoft outlook and Google Calendar with Intuitive in-meeting controls.
  • Content Sharing - You can share presentations, files, screen etc. with other attendees of the meeting from your conference room video system.

Blue Jeans video conferencing, provides harmonious interoperability that gives everyone an equal opportunity to join a single meeting on their own terms, using any device of their choosing. Partner with and benefit from our video conferencing software.

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