What Is Video Conference Technology
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What Is Video Conference Technology
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Video conferencing technology is a communication technology that uses audio, video, and data streams and allows participants at disparate locations to interact with each other by creating a face-to-face meeting environment.

Global expansion plans has made many forward thinking companies switch to Blue Jeans video conference service. Wondering what is video conference technology by Blue Jeans? It is a Cloud based video conferencing platform where no additional software or hardware is required. To get started with Blue Jeans, you need a Blue Jeans account and a device with Internet access; you can connect to anyone from anywhere in real time.

Blue Jeans Cloud video conferencing platform enables you to:

  • Upload videos for quick sharing during video conferences
  • Scale shared video clip to ideal size
  • Make use of push-to-talk for collaboration during video playback
  • Playback synchronously across all meeting participants on both mobile devices and desktops
  • Share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and recorded live sessions in real-time
  • Create encrypted meetings, Firewall/NAT traversal for enhanced business security by, even in a multi-vendor environment
  • Access complete online surveys, reports and analytics, tests to experience a high level of interactive social collaboration
  • Watch recorded or live HD videos and quality audio conferencing

Manage your online meetings effortlessly with Blue Jeans Cloud video conferencing service. Check out Blue Jeans today!


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