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Web Meeting Software
Communicate Between Different Time Zones, Switch To Blue Jeans Cloud Web Meeting Software

Need to show a product demo to a customer located in a different time zone? With Blue Jeans web meeting software, share relevant data, experience "face-to-face" meetings and communicate in real time. Want to share high-quality videos with customers and colleagues to state a point or brainstorm new ideas? Blue Jeans does not need MCU hardware to offer multi-party video conferencing.

Cloud based Blue Jeans video conferencing capabilities include:

  • Upload videos and enjoy easy and quick sharing during meetings
  • Collaborate during video playback, use push-to-talk
  • Scale shared video clip to optimal size
  • Synchronize playback on any platform consisting of mobile devices and room systems, across all meeting participants

Blue Jeans's built-in network intelligence and interoperability enables webconferencing without investing in costly network infrastructure. Check out Blue Jeans today and ask for a free trial.


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"Blue Jeans had an immediate positive effect on our productivity"

Tim Rubert,

VP Sales & Business Development, Sarnova

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