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Web Conferencing For Education

Blue Jeans Boosts Web Conferencing for Education

When students identify the connection between what they are studying and its utility, they are motivated to learn more. Introducing subject matter experts is a perfect way to foster this connection. Blue Jeans makes web conferencing for education easy by allowing guest lecturers to share videos and relevant information with students globally.

Blue Jeans supports up to 25 endpoints of meeting that is perfect for online education courses, HR interviews and global team meetings. With Blue Jeans all-new video sharing feature professors can:

  • Upload videos for easy sharing during meetings
  • Synchronous playback across all meeting participants on any platform, including mobile devices and room systems
  • Use push-to-talk for collaboration during video playback
  • Scale shared video clip to ideal size

When you use Blue Jeans cloud-based video collaboration service you do not need any additional software or hardware. Simply combine a Blue Jeans account with a video-enabled device and Internet access for an easy and effortless web conferencing experience. Learn more!



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