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Video Conferencing Software For Ipad

Video Conferencing Software for iPad

For an extended learning experience connect with friends, colleagues and teachers beyond school with BlueJeans. Students are often faced with technological challenges when it comes to group meetings, where they would like to be able to see each other and effectively collaborate on shared documents.

  •  iPad creates a strong connected communities of students and faculty members, thereby fostering an environment conducive to rich collaboration. With blue jeans high-definition video conferencing software for iPad:
  • Is a perfect fit to bridge the historically disconnected islands of conference room systems with the mobile video conferencing devices like IPAD, IPhone, etc.
  • Can connect to students and faculty in other parts of the world.


Blue Jeans cloud-based service provides an instant, easy and scalable video conferencing software for iPad. No hardware or software to manage. Blue Jeans offers 14 free trial. Call us for a demo today! 

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