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Video Conferencing Service Providers

Blue Jeans the #1 Interoperable Cloud-Based Video Conferencing Service Provider

Blue Jeans Network is the most trusted video conferencing service provider on the market. Why? Simply, Blue Jeans video conferencing service connects anyone on any video enabled device seamlessly, cost-effectively and consistently. Blue Jeans is platform and device agnostic, using the service does not require any additional hardware or software and a company wide deployment happens in mere minutes, not weeks or months.

Companies that have deployed the Blue Jeans solution range in size from small non-profits to Fortune 100 companies and everything in between. Companies that deploy Blue Jeans are able to streamline their conferencing toolkit and rely on Blue Jeans for all of their audio, web and video conferencing needs. With Blue Jeans, meetings are simply meetings. There is no need to decide ahead of time what kind of meeting you will have and what tool you will use.

Blue Jeans supports:

  • HD video for up to 25 connections
  • Audio support for audio only participants
  • Rich content sharing including presentations, spreadsheets, videos and more
  • Meeting recording and playback for anyone invited to view
  • Individual and group chat
  • Layout options for each participants
  • Connectivity for users on disparate video platforms
  • Simple, intuitive interface that users can use independently with no IT support required
  • SSO support
  • Click to join meeting invitations
  • Much more!

Don't just take our word for it, give Blue Jeans a try for yourself. Sign up for a FREE 14-day trial now.



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