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Video Conferencing 

The Dawn of Video Conferencing Coexistence

As technology evolves, more business users are embracing the value of online interactions where they are talking face to face with their employees, colleagues and customers. It has become possible for people to Video conference from any location, be it their desktops at work, conference rooms, mobile devices, home offices or from a coffee shop.

Video Conferencing Online - On the Go!

Video conferencing is the future and the trend is fast catching up and is being used in a broad array of new ways. From remote workers to telecommuters to business travelers, anyone can be connected to a video conference, not be tied to a specific type of technology or have to be in any specific room.  

Using Blue Jeans cloud-based video conferencing service, all you need is a device and an Internet and you are ready to get connected. There is no additional hardware or software required. One can connect using any device, be it desktop, ipad or a mobile device. with Blue Jeans you get Multi-Vendor, Multi-Device Interoperability. Our interface supports rich content sharing. Hence you can share presentations, files or your desktop screen. With 24x7 customer support, we help improve the productivity and efficiency of your meetings.

Simply combine a Blue Jeans account with a video-enabled device and Internet access, and you have a quick and easy formula for effortless video conferencing!  Partner with us today to find out how our software-based desktop and mobile video conferencing can strengthen corporate agility, responsiveness and productivity!

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