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Video Conference Software For Android

Blue Jeans Video Conference Software For Android App Benefits Mobile Workers

Blue Jeans offers video conference software for Android app that works well with Blue Jeans service to offer universal and multi-party video calls on the go! This is an apt tool for mobile workers using Android Smartphone or Tablet device. Equipped with the Blue Jeans Android app users can join or host meetings anywhere.

With Blue Jeans Android App users and mobile workers can attend meetings and have access to the fundamental meeting features, such as:-

  • Joining a Blue Jeans meeting
  • Viewing upcoming Blue Jeans Meetings
  • Viewing shared content from other attendees

Leveraging the Cloud Blue Jeans Android App is WiFi and 4G/LTE optimized and enables the users to:-

  • Host or join a video meeting with up to 25 participants
  • Arrange the layout of conference to cater to user preferences

Blue Jeans Android App enables you to share relevant videos and links during the course of the online meeting or video conference without hampering the flow.  Check out Blue Jeans today or call (408) 550-2828 for general queries.

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