Video Conference Services
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Video Conference Services
Replace Traditional Audio Conferencing with Blue Jeans Cloud Based Video Conference Services

Most of the traditional audio conferencing software requires you to buy maximum capacity, which is not suitable for today's video conferencing demands. With Blue Jeans, you can dynamically scale and address all your fluctuating needs, without overspending on Cloud based video conference services.

Blue Jeans cloud based video conferencing service allows you to:

  • Enable video conferencing across users on any video client, like Microsoft Lync, Jabber, room-based video systems along with standard Web browsers
  • Access detailed online surveys, tests, reports and analytics, and enhance productivity
  • Support single sign-on (SSO) and can be incorporated easily into Google Calendar to enable easy scheduling
  • Share content during video conferences
  • Utilize push-to-talk for collaboration during video meetings
  • Share spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and recorded live sessions in real-time

Blue Jeans high-performance video platform ensures that all the participating members have the best video and audio experience. To ask for a free trial check out Blue Jeans.

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