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Video Collaboration Tools

Blue Jeans Network Sets New Standard for Video Collaboration

Let's face it, we live in a connected society and people are social by nature. Companies of all sizes have embraced collaboration as not only a way to bring together people across great distances but also colleagues in different buildings, on different floors or even sitting down the hall from each other. Collaboration in the work place is a fact of life. Companies are spending millions of dollars to create open work environments to spawn knowledge sharing and "water cooler conversations" -- more and more work is happening organically in these environments. Video collaboration tools play a big role in enabling effective communication. The ability to see colleagues and not just hear their voices has been shown to boost team morale and collaboration. The most successful companies are investing in these technologies to further drive collaboration throughout the organization.

Why Use Video Collaboration?

Here are some benefits that video collaboration offers your organization:

  • Stay Connected Even When On-the-Go

The secret to business or professional relationships is having the ability to communicate with people even when you're on the go. Using mobile video collaboration it's easier to build a reputation as someone who is accessible and always ready to engage.

  • Give Your Workforce Flexibility

Video collaboration resolves communication gaps between dispersed parties, allowing employees to participate in meetings from wherever they are. For employees with other important commitments like family or school, online video collaboration tools also offer great flexibility that allows them to be productive at work and balance it with their personal life.

  • Keep Long Distance Relationships Strong

An important part of the success of an organization is the strength of relationship of its people and its relationship with its partners and clients. With online video collaboration tools , distance is not a factor to maintain good working relationships. It enables people to meet and work together in the most convenient way – virtually, at any time and place – creating an efficient and effective approach to doing business. The face-to-face element of video collaboration brings a personal touch to meetings, which makes interactions richer.

  • Break Down Cultural Barriers

With audio conferencing, so much meaning can be lost or misinterpreted since audio is only one component of human communication. Video collaboration, on the other hand, allows participants to see each other's body language and to take in social cues, which are crucial elements of effective communication and understanding.

Why Blue Jeans Video Collaboration Tools?

Blue Jeans leads the industry in providing interoperable video collaboration services that allow:

  • Connectivity for anyone on any video enabled device including Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, Microsoft Lync and more
  • Web conferencing and content sharing with dual stream support
  • Integration with iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Multiple layout controls so you can see what's most important to you
  • Audio-only option for those times you just can't be on video
  • Meeting recording and playback

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