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Unified Communications Video

Upgrade To Unified Communications Video Conferencing With Blue Jeans

Rapid business expansion across the globe has increased the demand for unified communications video conferencing. Blue Jeans Cloud based video conferencing platform serves as an excellent conferencing medium where company tasks can be achieved, crucial decisions can be arrived at even when employees or senior managers are located at different regions.

Conference room video systems can be difficult to manage. Blue Jeans being a Cloud based platform makes everything easy for you enabling you to share videos during meetings. With Blue Jeans you can:-

  • Upload videos for easy sharing during meetings
  • Synchronous playback across all meeting participants on any platform, including mobile devices and room systems
  • Use push-to-talk for collaboration during video playback
  • Scale shared video clip to ideal size

Blue Jeans makes it easy and hassle free for the mobile workers to attend video conferences from their tablets and Smartphone’s. Want to leverage the flexible Cloud based video conferencing platform? Check out Blue Jeans.


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