Telecommunications Collaboration Tool
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Telecommunications Collaboration Tool
Telecommunications Collaboration Tools Go Mainstream

Over the past decade, telecommunications collaboration tools have steadily evolved to become the must-have alternative to traditional audio conferencing. Technology advances such as cloud services, ubiquitous network connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G), mobility and WebRTC (Real-Time Communications) are making telecommunications collaboration tools inexpensive and accessible, moving them closer to widespread adoption.

Today, scalability and affordability have extended telecommunications collaboration beyond the limits of the boardroom. Cloud-based telecommunications collaboration tools have enabled companies to realize all the advantages of video: efficient knowledge transfers and a certain amount of personal interaction like face-to-face contact- that is often essential for businesses looking for a competitive advantage. The coexistence of and, increasingly, the transition from expensive, conference room-based telecommunications collaboration hardware to software-based desktop and mobile devices strengthens corporate agility, responsiveness and productivity.

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