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Blue Jeans Scores Over Traditional Service Conferencing Software

With Blue Jeans Cloud based video conferencing platform enterprises today can experience business grade multipoint video conferencing with more capacities and lesser restrictions at a significantly lesser price as compared to conventional bridging hardware. So why opt in for any generic service conferencing software? Blue Jeans breaks through the barriers of infrastructure deployments and makes it easy for an enterprise to use video conferencing in their preferred way.

Conventional service conferencing software infrastructure requires you to buy maximum capacity. That model is not adequate for the new age video conferencing demands. Blue Jeans dynamically scales to satisfy your ever changing needs, without requiring you to overbuy. With Blue Jeans helps in the following ways:-

  • No fixed capacity, unlimited concurrent meetings
  • Each virtual port supports any connection from PSTN audio to HD video
  • Capability to cascade to your current MCU for added capacity
  • Elastic port allocation

Forward thinking enterprises today are switching to Cloud for their business requirements. Blue Jeans Cloud based video conferencing collaboration service is easy, instant and scalable. With Blue Jeans you can reduce costly maintenance contracts and have access to a robust encryption for all meetings in the cloud.

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