Secure Video Conference
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Secure Video Conference
Blue Jeans Video Meetings -- The Secure Way to Meet

The value of video collaboration is nothing new. We've heard the benefits before - reduce travel, save money, increase ROI, improve company culture, build stronger relationships with partners and customers...but are those communications secure? Is the time you're spending benefiting from the power of video for face-to-face collaboration staying between the designated parties? If you're using Blue Jeans, the answer is yes.

Blue Jeans takes the security of your information seriously. Blue Jeans offers robust security settings that put the power into the hands of IT, regulating and securing their most important assets.

Blue Jeans security includes:

  • Dial out so hackers can't login to your video systems and watch meetings take place in your conference rooms
  • Visible and audible alerts anytime someone joins or leaves a call
  • The ability to password protect and lock a meeting after everyone has joined
  • Forced encryption - only encrypted endpoints can join a meeting
  • Admin controls and settings so you can ensure your optimal level of protection is being met
  • Intelligent firewall and NAT detection
  • SOC2 compliance

Don't trust your video calls to any old video chat application. Try Blue Jeans for secure video conferencing. Sign up for a free 14-day trial now.



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Tim Rubert,

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