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Problems With Video Conferencing

The Dawn of Video Conferencing Coexistence

Problems with video conferencing

Polycom problems with video conferencing

Commonfund invested in Polycom video conferencing systems for their offices but found it to be limiting. The challenges faced were:

  • Could not connect with external attendees without testing ahead of time.

·         Connectivity problem –The cost for the ISDN line that were leased to give external parties connectivity was expensive and since it limited connectivity to other ISDN systems, usage was poor.

Why Blue Jeans for Video Conferencing - Connect with anyone, anywhere

 Blue Jeans video conferencing, the dream of harmonious interoperability was realized and gave everyone an equal opportunity to join a single meeting on their own terms, using any device of their choosing.

 Our platform extends high quality video collaboration beyond the boundaries of specialized conference rooms. Finally, you have access to everyone you want to meet. Blue Jeans can bridge together business and consumer video conferencing solutions.

  • System Agnostic
  • Content and video sharing
  • Cloud based
  • Scalable and secure
  • Intuitive web interface

 Sort out all you problems with Video conferencing, by partnering with Blue Jeans!



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