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Online Web Conferencing

 Online Web Conferencing Made Easy

Nothing is more powerful than face-to-face communication and video conferencing makes it possible for you. Scalability and affordability have extended video beyond the boardroom to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce.  

According to a recent survey, 95% of business professionals said that face-to-face communication significantly enhances professional relationships and improves communications. 54% of business people say if you cannot meet in person, video conferencing is the most effective method of communication.

Web Conferencing - Get the BlueJeans Advantage

Blue Jeans is the global leader in interoperable video collaboration services, that better integrate audio participants, round out web conferencing and content sharing capabilities and expands the reach of the service to Android-based mobile devices. Realize the full benefits of Web conferencing:

  1. Built-in chat capabilities - enables meeting attendees to more effectively communicate by sending reminders to speakers, conducting side-bar conversations, exchanging commentary and more.
  2. New screen sharing “widget” - Allows presenters to view other meeting participants simultaneously while they are presenting content from their desktop. 

Whether you or an occasional or an avid web conferencing user today, video usage will certainly become more prolific in our everyday lives in the years ahead. Connect with us today!



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