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Onnline Web Confencing - Video  Calls on the Move

Is the web good for business?  Will it kill productivity? What about security? There are many questions that are asked about online web when doing business. Video conferencing is changing the business the same way the web did. 

Proliferation of video conferencing is increasing in organization due to : 

  1. Workforce getting more distributed.  
  2. Businesses looking at ways to reduce travel  to save cost.

  3. Increase in video enabled mobile devices (iPhones and iPad, android phones) are propagating wildly as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) takes over.

Blue Jeans, simplifies video conferencing, using the web browser as a way to get on a video call. Advantages of web video conferencing include:

  1. No additional hardware or software. 
  2. Supports up to 25 endpoints per meeting.
  3.  Join video meetings from your mobile phone or tablet using either the Blue Jeans iOS or Android app. 
  4. Delivers secure, enterprise-grade cloud deployment.  

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