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Online Meeting Software Review

Enable Multi-party Meetings with Online Meeting Software.

Do you want to schedule one-time or repeat meetings, invite participants and enable advanced options (moderator-less, disabling entry/exit tones, and more)?  Blue Jeans cloud is the best way out since it is reliable and efficient.

Blue Jeans supports up to 25 endpoints per meeting, and hence can be used for conducting online courses and global team meetings for sales calls and HR interviews.Since Blue Jeans runs completely in the cloud, there is no hardware or software to buy, install and manage. You can increase capacity by simply adding licenses or virtual ports when you need them without the need for a hardware MCU.

Blue Jeans lets you join video meetings from your mobile phone or tablet using either the Blue Jeans iOS or Android app or 3rd party solutions on Android. Blue Jeans supports dual-stream to ensure that the quality of both the video feed and shared content is high.

For more information on online meeting software, check out our Solutions page.

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