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Online Meeting Software Reviews

Learn how to schedule one-time or repeat meetings, invite participants and enable advanced options (moderator-less, disabling entry/exit tones, and more), Review Personal (Instant) meetings also with Blue Jeans.

Blue Jeans vastly simplifies the originally complex nature of trying to host a meeting, especially with external parties. Video conference is great for any meeting where the participants are unable to get to the same location, Blue Jeans allows: 

  1. Have video in all your offices without the need for expensive, dedicated video systems at each location.
  2. Host both internal and client meetings without worrying what technology the remote attendees have available. 
  3. Team meetings, especially for geographically distributed organizations.
  4. No need to maintain or support multiple software clients.
  5. Best for Sales and Marketing – for both customer presentations and internal meeting for software reviews.
  6. HR for both recruiting and training, Executive meetings and board meetings. 

BlueJeans cloud is reliable, efficient and compelling and delivers an HD video experience to the end-user and to allow that user to have the flexibility to be mobile when they have a need for a business meeting. For more information on meeting software for reviews, check out Blue Jeans!

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