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Meeting Software For Mac

Cutting Edge Meeting Software For Mac

Blue Jeans is a device-independent cloud-based video collaboration service, i.e. you can connect to a meeting using any device. Blue Jeans is an easy to use meeting software for Mac or PC that enables both video and audio conferencing.

Blue Jeans is one of the most reliable web conferencing tools in the market for Mac OS. Since Blue Jeans is a cloud-based service, collaborators don’t need any software installed on their end. They can choose the device and video platform they wish to use to connect to the meeting.

Blue Jeans’s most notable features include:

  1. Support for multiple types of devices and different video clients.
  2. Supports all major web browsers on Mac OS, Windows and Linux, as well as iOS and Android devices.
  3. Provides cross-platform support.
  4. Support for up to 25 endpoints per meeting.
  5. Share HD content and videos, enterprise-readinessand enterprise-grade security.
  6. Support for single sign-on (SSO) as well as integration with Google Calendar and Outlook for scheduling.

Want to gain an edge for your business using meeting software for Mac or PC, opt for Blue Jeans!

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