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Interoperable Sales Pitches

Blue Jeans offers interoperable solution for video sales pitches

How much doe your company spend on customer or prospect onsite meetings?

Blue Jeans' interoperable video service provides a scalable, cost-effective solution to traditional infrastructure for sales pitches. 

With simple click-to-join meetings, group administration features and easy scheduling, Blue Jeans makes hosting and managing interoperable video sales pitches simple for everyone.

Support for widest range of video endpoints, including desktop and mobile, makes Blue Jeans the clear choice for value-conscience businesses that understand the efficacy of face-to-face discussions.

Blue Jeans enables interoperability between all major hardware and software video platforms, as well as browsers and mobile apps.

Say goodbye to boring online meetings and say hello to Blue Jeans.

Customers love Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans Customers - Facebook,, Stanford University