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HD Video Conferencing Software
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Have you ever run late for a video meeting? If you want to join a video meeting without booting your hardware - you need Blue Jeans. Blue Jeans offers complete HD video conferencing software to your web browser, enabling the easy launch of instant meetings with just a few clicks.

Blue Jeans is a cloud-based collaboration solution that bridges together traditional video conference rooms, supporting up to 25 endpoints per meeting.

Blue Jeans HD Video Conferencing software is ideal for online courses and global team meetings, HR interviews, etc. Making businesses more agile and productive, Blue Jeans does not require hardware or software to buy, install or manage, and runs completely on the cloud. Increase capacity by just adding virtual ports or licenses whenever it is required.

Seamlessly deliver HD video experience with Blue Jeans. To learn more about Hd Video Conferencing Software, check out Blue Jeans HD Video Conference solutions.

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