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Easy Online Meetings

Online Meeting: Face-to-Face, No Travel Required, Easy

Want to conduct online meetings - face to face without travelling? Want to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers and your social network? Use BlueJeans Video conferencing solution for all your online meetings. 

Easy and Seamless - Get the BlueJeans Online Meeting Experience 

Discover the power of BlueJeans for your online meetings. BlueJeans, brings you full featured web conferencing experience for your online meetings. You don't need expensive infrastructure, complicated configurations and “pre-meeting practice drills".

Using our online meeting solution, you can:

  • Schedule and host meetings from our easy and intuitive Web interface.
  • Share everything from slides to trailers to budget tracking spreadsheets with all participants in your meeting.
  • Conference upto 25 people at a time.
  •  Join video meetings from your mobile phone or tablet using either the Blue Jeans iOS or Android app or 3rd party solutions on Android.
  • Easily record your online meetings, all your recordings are stored in the cloud so you can access and share them from anywhere.
  • Ensure secure communication and compliance.
  • Provides a cloud-based, multi-party videoconferencing service
  • Cost-effective, scalable alternative to traditional hardware/software-based infrastructure. 

 Why BlueJeans for Conducting Online Meetings?

With easy scheduling, simple click-to-join meetings and group administration features, Blue Jeans makes hosting and managing online video meetings easy for everyone. Our platform extends high quality video collaboration beyond the boundaries of specialized conference rooms. It is perfect for everything from online courses and global team meetings to sales calls and HR interviews.  Get connected today, use the flexibility of Blue Jeans and make your businesses more agile and productive.

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