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Collaboration Software Vs Program

Leverage Blue Jeans Collaboration Software Program for Online Education

Colleges and universities recognize that students no longer fit into one mold. Undergraduates and graduates alike are looking for a more flexible learning environment. The need for software to assist in collaboration between remote students and professors has grown drastically in the last decade. Blue Jeans innovative, cloud-based video conferencing platform effectively fills this gap.

Blue Jeans has developed a special program and pricing for the research and higher education community. Universities can get unlimited use of the Blue Jeans service, including unlimited meetings, unlimited minutes, unlimited licenses, and unlimited ports. By leveraging Blue Jeans collaboration software, institutes of higher education are able to increase student enrollment without the need for expensive campus renovations.

Colleges and universities use Blue Jeans to:

  • Connect up to 100 endpoints
  • Host guest speakers and lecturers
  • Teach online sign language courses
  • Engage students in remote regions of the country and even world

Blue Jeans unique software has the ability to connect room systems to desktop software and personal mobile devices. For institutions looking to collaborate more effectively with a distance learning community, Blue Jeans is the obvious choice. Learn more about the advantages of Blue Jeans with a free trial. Sign up today!




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