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Collaboration Software For Business
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Face-to-face contact and communication are crucial for competitive business success and growth, and thankfully video conferencing is more accessible and inexpensive than ever. Whether your business is big or small, Blue Jeans' cloud-based software is economical and convenient. Our collaboration software for business allows for easy content sharing, seamless video conferencing, and the ability to connect with workers, partners, and clients anywhere. Learn more below, then consider trying Blue Jeans today!

Connect with Mobile Devices and More

By using Blue Jeans collaboration software, you can connect with your workers and consumers wherever they are. Users can join and participate in video meetings with their desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Whether your workers or partners are at home, traveling, or live hundreds of miles away, your business can easily stay connected and productive.

Communication can be a huge issue when trying to connect with customers across a multi-vendor environment. Thankfully, Blue Jeans cloud-based software is a cost-effective solution that can bring together their multiple, divergent systems. Blue Jeans enables users to connect using multiple video clients, including Microsoft Lync, Google Video Chat, and Jabber, as well as room-based video systems including Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, and LifeSize. With a camera, a good Internet connection, and a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox), users anywhere can join a Blue Jeans video conference.

In addition, Blue Jeans software allows workers to access their email and to share files as needed. Even mobile device users can quickly share content such as videos, presentations, and spreadsheets. This flexibility and depth of contact allows meetings to be more collaborative and productive.

Seamless Video Conferencing

No crackly audio or blurry video here: Blue Jeans offers business-quality video and collaboration software. All video Trans coding is done within the Blue Jeans cloud, giving each user the best audio and video experience possible for their connection. Smooth video conferencing is now easy and cost-effective, as users need only Internet access and a video-enabled device. Colleagues and clients alike can communicate, collaborate, and debate in the office, from home, or on the road with any device and platform.

In addition, using Blue Jeans means you can feel secure about your company's conference connection. With Blue Jeans security-enhanced software, users dial out to join a video conference rather than dialing in to the corporate network. Blue Jeans video collaboration software comes with media encryption as well as visual and audio alerts to let you know when users join or leave the conference. Many additional, optional features and settings for both users and admin will allow you to customize the level of protection you want.

No Extra Software or Hardware Required

In the past, businesses hoping to connect with their clients and workers online had to build a dedicated room system or multi point control unit (MCU). This video bridge enables the simultaneous broadcast of video conference participants, which is what allows for multiple users in multiple locations. However, traditional systems for video conferencing operate in a single-vendor environment, with no support for a multi-vendor or multi-platform mixed end point. Enabling the connection of a new vendor to the end point is costly and limited. In addition, hardware MCUs requires regular, expensive maintenance and have a fixed capacity, resulting in space limitations or pricey upgrades.

Cloud-based software, on the other hand, requires no hardware MCU, meaning your options for storage and growths are practically limitless. Now your headquarters can easily contact remote locations, partners can connect with global customers, and multiparty video conferences can incorporate users from any location and device. If your current enterprise software is costly or holding you back in terms of business growth, consider switching to a different system. Newer options, such as the Blue Jeans video collaboration software, can even enhance your current set-up rather than immediately replacing it.

Businesses, workers, and customers are increasingly mobile and work from a wide variety of devices and platforms. Connect these devices using Blue Jeans video conferencing software, enabling meetings to take place anytime, anywhere, and with immediate face-to-face interaction and participation.

Grow Better Connections

With flexible meeting options, access across countless devices and numerous platforms, and high-quality video support, Blue Jeans truly offers its users the chance to connect and grow. Businesses will experience better communication and an accelerated productive drive, as workers, partners, and clients can readily share information and content across devices, no matter their location. A business partner using a desktop with Google video chat can now easily video conference with a colleague using a smart phone, all while developing ideas with, for example, a vendor using Microsoft Lync on a laptop.

The possibilities for production and growth are endless, giving your business a competitive edge. Checks out the business collaboration software from Blue Jeans today see how your company can benefit and grow.


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