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Cloud Based Collaboration Software

Overcome Online Meeting Challenges with Blue Jeans Cloud Based Collaboration Software

More and more companies are turning to the cloud for their most critical business communication needs. Cloud-based collaboration is quickly proving to be the most effective and efficient way to bring diverse and distributed teams together. Cloud technologies remove the friction associated with acquiring and using collaboration technology. Blue Jeans, the leading cloud-based video collaboration service, makes your meetings effective and personal by connecting people face-to-face from virtually any device.

Whether it is SMBs trying to integrate room-based video conferencing systems with Microsoft Office 365, or large enterprises looking to have Lync deployments communicate with existing Cisco or Polycom hardware, Blue Jeans is the most apt fit.

Blue Jeans dynamically scales to meet your fluctuating needs, without requiring you to overbuy and provides an instant, easy and scalable video conferencing platform. Blue Jeans sits in the cloud as a meet-me service, and eliminates much of the complexity and additional hardware required to manage firewall/NAT access, typically required for an on-site MCU deployment

Why choose Blue Jeans?

  • Instant deployment
  • Globally distributed architecture
  • Lesser burden on IT with no on-premise hardware or software to manage
  • No costly maintenance contracts and updates
  • Complete end-to-end encryption for all meetings

Blue Jeans allows businesses, both large and small, to benefit from their interoperable video conferencing solution without the hassle of on-premise solutions. To learn more, request for a free trial.



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