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Boardroom Video Conferencing
Making Video Conferencing More Accessable

Over the past decade, video conferencing has evolved to become the must-have alternative over the traditional boardroom video conferencing. Latest technology advances such as ubiquitous network connectivity (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G), cloud services, mobility and WebRTC (Real-Time Communications), etc., are making video conferencing inexpensive and accessible, moving it closer to widespread adoption.

To address the demands of a growing mobile workforce, enterprises need scalability and affordability to be extended to other locations. Today, cloud-based video conferencing has allowed companies to obtain the full benefits of video: face-to-face collaboration, successful transfer of knowledge and personal interaction that is critical for businesses looking for a competitive business advantage. Blue Jeans seamlessly enables the transition from expensive, boardroom video conferencing to any desktop and mobile devices, thus strengthening corporate agility, responsiveness and productivity.

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