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Delivering a great collaborative experience for B2B companies while keeping travel costs low, is a key component to continued growth on bottom-line operations and top-line culture enhancement.  Blue Jeans CEO, Krish Ramakrishnan, presented on a panel at our 2013 conference, "Videoconferencing as a Software Business: Impacts on Buyers and Sellers" and our CCO, Stu Aaron was on the panel, Mobile Video: "What's the Big Deal?".  It illustrates the great benefits of video collaboration on the go.

You can view this video on our website and learn how the Blue Jeans cloud video conferencing service is addressing various logistical and cost based challenges to make successful video conferencing a reality for any sized business. Video conferencing on-demand is becoming ubiquitous across business world, delivering on the promise of economies of scale.  So why not adopt the video collaboration cloud?  The advent of cloud solutions has made video conferencing more cost effective and flexible to grow along with the needs of business. Software-as-a-Service solutions allow rapid deployment and adoption of newer features while providing support for mobile access. 

Blue Jean's platform extends high quality video collaboration beyond the boundaries of specialized conference rooms. Anyone can make face-to-face connections to drive continued organizational synergies that deliver the best employee experience possible.  You can extend beyond your walls too.  Blue Jeans can bridge together business and consumer video conferencing solutions, enabling one to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, customers, partners, suppliers and the social network.

More and more companies are turning to the cloud for their most critical business needs. Blue Jeans cloud-based service provides an instant, easy and scalable video conferencing platform. No hardware or software to manage. Now is the time to experience this video movement that drives the best businesses in the world.  Learn more today.

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