Best Video Conferencing Software For Business
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Best Video Conferencing Software For Business
Blue Jeans Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

When it comes to video conferencing there are so many choices it can be daunting. From traditional video systems to desktop clients and now mobile devices, it's hard to know what option is the best. What if you didn't have to pick just one? With Blue Jeans you don't. We believe in freedom of choice. Let users join meetings from their favorite device. Let the CEO connect from his high-end telepresence system, let the office in London join the meeting from their webcam...Blue Jeans connects them all.

When it comes in business, it's no secret that keeping costs down is directly correlated to incoming revenue. You can't spend what you don't have. Blue Jeans is cloud-based, so deployment is easy, scaling a breeze and there is no expensive CapEx required.

Blue Jeans video collaboration let's you:

  • connect up to 25 participants in a single meeting (more with the Primetime service)
  • support people on audio who can't join via video
  • share content in high resolution
  • record meetings for future playback
  • monitor usage with a robust admin console
  • schedule and host meetings on the fly

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"Blue Jeans had an immediate positive effect on our productivity"

Tim Rubert,

VP Sales & Business Development, Sarnova

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