Best Video Conference Equipment
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Best Video Conference Equipment

No Matter What You Have, Blue Jeans Connects You to Anyone

Video conferencing is about access. With video you can make meetings that typically required travel. That require a shift in your schedule, or a trek across the campus. Traditional video conferencing equipment can work wonders for improving your access to team members in other locations or to information that may not be readily available through other channels. However, all video conferencing equipment is not created equal.

Each vendor develops their systems to their liking. Whether it be different protocols, feature set, capabilities or connectivity options, unless they're made by the same vendor chances are they won't work together and if if they are from the same vendor the software versions may not be compatible. Who wants to deal with that?!

Blue Jeans believes in democracy. Everyone should have equal footing. Everyone should be able to join a meeting, and with Blue Jeans they can.

  • Blue Jeans supports the widest range of devices on the market
  • Blue Jeans lets audio only participants be included too
  • Blue Jeans supports screen sharing (presentations, spreadsheets, videos and more)
  • Blue Jeans has great in-meeting controls
  • Blue Jeans includes awesome tools for admins to add/remove users, review usage, set security settings, etc
  • Blue Jeans a subscription based service so you never have to buy more than you need

Our service is so flexible we think you'll find your fit in Blue Jeans. Try us, a free trial is waiting just for you.



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