Best Video Conference Bridging Solution
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Best Video Conference Bridging Solution

Real World Options for Multipoint Videoconferencing

With the uptick in video conferencing usage companies are forced to address the increased demand from users. Multipoint video calls, while useful, can be a juggling act for IT. Scaling to meet peak demands means buying for maximum capacity. That's great when it's needed but most of the time it's wasted ports.

Blue Jeans Network is a cloud-based service that combines three powerful conferencing mediums; audio, web and video intro a single platform that meets the needs of any organization looking to empower their teams to communicate more effectively and effortlessly.

Key Benefits of Blue Jeans include:

  • Risk-free, no CAPEX investment
  • Up to 75% savings when compared to the five-year total cost of ownership for a typical hardware based MCU
  • Right size, not oversize - elastic cloud model lets you right size for regular use and leverage burst capacity for occasional usage peaks
  • Capacity scaling to meet the demands of a mobile workforce
  • Compatible with existing video infrastructure investments
  • Easy, self-serve model frees IT from having to manage resource scheduling
  • Instant deployment

If you're looking to deploy or improve your existing video conferencing solution, you should give Blue Jeans a try using our free 14-day trial. You get unlimited use of the service during the trial.



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