Affordable Webinars
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Affordable Webinars

Blue Jeans Beats Traditional Webinar Solutions

Looking for a cost effective solution to host webinars for your team or customers?

Blue Jeans eliminates the complexity and expense that are often associated with hosting webinars. Blue Jeans takes the most frequently used webinar features and adds high-end video collaboration and stellar audio conferencing giving you a single platform for everything from small team meetings to Town Hall events.

The use cases for Blue Jeans are endless:

  • Sales pitches
  • Executive staff meetings
  • All-hands / Town-hall get togethers
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Partner Training
  • HR Interviews
  • Product Launches
  • PR Launches
  • Distance Learning and education applications
  • Court Depositions and Hearings

Click here to view our data sheet or sign up for a free trial and give Blue Jeans a test drive for your next meeting.



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