Making Distance Learning Affordable with Video Conferencing
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Making Distance Learning Affordable with Video Conferencing
Affordable Distance Learning with Blue Jeans Online Web Conferencing Solution

Distance learning and online degree programs have gained a firm foothold in many academic institutions. Technological innovations like video conferencing have extended the reach of education beyond geographical boundaries. Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions create a rich, collaborative environment for affordable distance learning programs.

Blue Jeans is an interoperable, cloud-based video conferencing solution that enables users to connect from anywhere, anytime, with any Internet enabled device. The Blue Jeans conferencing software enables:

  • Hybrid classes – Students can take up part of the classes in person, and rest online Open Online Courses – Universities can host large-scale learning programs
  • Co-Teaching – Professors from various universities can come together to design a syllabus and team-teach to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment
  • Student Study Groups – Students can work on group projects from anywhere
  • Faculty and Staff Interviews – Travel expenses can be cut down by conducting C-level interviews

Partner with Blue Jeans to make affordable distance learning a reality. You can reach out to our dedicated Education team to find innovative ways of leveraging cloud-based videoconferencing for distance learning.


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