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Release Notes

Release 2.9.5 – Mar 28, 2015

Release 2.9.5 of the Blue Jeans service, scheduled for implementation on March 28, 2015, enhances performance, adds features, improves the user experience, and supports new products.

Blue Jeans Meetings: Desktop Experience

Performance Enhancements

Users will enjoy numerous performance enhancements when using the Blue Jeans browser plugin, including:

  • Reduced CPU Utilization: Increased efficiency with the Blue Jeans browser plugin improves performance of other concurrently running applications and extends battery life.
  • Higher Resilience: Better audio and video quality over connections with high packet loss.
  • High-Bandwidth Capabilities: Take advantage of high-bandwidth connections to deliver enhanced audio and video performance.
  • Content Sharing Quality Improvements: Reductions in pixelation, artifacts (especially on solid colors), and flickering improve the quality of shared content in the browser plugin and when displayed on room systems.

Improved Chat Notifications for Browser Users

To make sure that meeting participants are aware of new chat messages, we have added unread message notifications:

  • Animated Chat Notifications: A semi-transparent pulse effect now draws extra attention to unread chat messages:
  • Mac Banner Notifications: If a Mac user is not already focused on the chat panel (reading messages), unread chat messages prompt a Banner notification. Note that when prompted, Mac users will need to approve notifications from to enable this feature:
  • Windows Notifications: If a Windows user is not already focused on the chat panel (reading messages), unread chat messages will prompt a "toaster" notification from the Windows Toolbar:

Streamlined Access to Your Personal Meeting Room

Access to your Blue Jeans personal meeting room has been streamlined so participants can immediately choose their Connection Option by going to (previously, participants would first see a list of "published meetings").

Updated Welcome Screen

When you join a meeting with the browser, you will notice a new look & feel to the welcome screen that displays when you are the only person in the meeting. You can click the icons to take action:

Changes for Chrome Users

In version 42 of the Chrome web browser (expected early- to mid-April, 2015), Google will change the default setting for NPAPI plugins like Blue Jeans from enabled to disabled. When NPAPI plugins are disabled in the installed version of Chrome, you can still access My Meetings, pair with room systems, and conduct administrative tasks. However, your experience will change when joining a Blue Jeans meeting as a browser participant:
Chrome Version
Chrome 41
Chrome 42
NPAPI Default Setting
PC: Participant enters the live meeting in a new Internet Explorer window
Joining a meeting with the Browser connection option
Participant enters the live meeting in a Chrome tab
Mac: Participant enters the live meeting in a new Safari window
Linux: Participant enters the live meeting in a new Firefox window
All other Blue Jeans features (scheduling, pairing, Command Center, etc.)
No change
No Change

Although the live in-meeting experience will take place in a separate browser window, the feature set, user interface, and performance is consistent across browsers. There's no need to install a separate plugin for each browser.

Re-Enabling NPAPI Plug-in Support in Chrome 42

While a future version of Chrome (expected in September) will permanently disable support for NPAPI plugins, these Knowledge Base articles explain how to re-enable NPAPI plugins in Chrome 42 to preserve the current in-Chrome experience:

Please visit the Blue Jeans and Chrome FAQ in the Knowledge Base for additional information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Ultimately, Chrome users will participate in Blue Jeans meetings using either the upcoming Blue Jeans desktop application or via WebRTC, as described in the following sections. Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans Desktop Application (Early Access)

As of April 1, 2015, administrators can contact Customer Support to request early access to a pre-release version of the Blue Jeans desktop application. When installed, the live in-meeting experience takes place in the Blue Jeans desktop app, rather than in a browser tab. Out-of-meeting features, such as scheduling, administration, and Command Center, are still accessed in a web browser. The Blue Jeans desktop app has the same design, features, and workflow of the browser plugin.

Please visit the Desktop App Knowledge Base article for more information about the Blue Jeans desktop app.

Blue Jeans for WebRTC (Roadmap)

As of April 2015, the live in-meeting Blue Jeans experience requires a browser plugin or the upcoming Blue Jeans Desktop app. An upcoming WebRTC-based experience will offer essential in-meeting features in any compatible browser with no need to install a plugin or app. A separate communication will give more details about the WebRTC-based feature set and user experience closer to release, expected in June 2015.

Mobile Devices: New Audio-Only Experience

Mobile participants who want to participate by audio-only are now encouraged to use the Blue Jeans app on their mobile device. In audio-only mode, the Blue Jeans app offers a significantly better experience than dialing in via PSTN, and uses less data and battery power than full video participation:
  • Wideband Audio: Clearer and louder audio makes it easy to hear and be heard.
  • Mode Switching: Participants can switch between audio-only and audio + video modes at will.
  • No Dialing Required: Touching a Blue Jeans URL on a mobile device launches the app and joins the meeting with no need to dial an access number or enter a meeting ID. This process is significantly safer and more convenient when driving or otherwise on the move.
  • Rich Interactivity: Even in audio-only mode, participants can chat with others in the meeting, view shared presentations and documents, and access the attendee list.

Although they would miss out on these benefits, participants can still choose to dial-in to a meeting via PSTN by dialing the local access number and then entering the Meeting ID when prompted.

Product Announcements

Command Center 1.1 (Updated)

Command Center version 1.1 delivers several new features to give you more service intelligence about your Blue Jeans deployment. Depending on your deployment, you have access either to Command Center Basic (free for all Blue Jeans customers) or Command Center Pro (part of the Management Package).

New in Command Center Basic
This feature is available for all Blue Jeans admins:

  • Global Search: Search and retrieve data from the Command Center dashboard:

New in Command Center Pro
In addition to Global Search, these new Command Center Pro features are accessible to Blue Jeans admins with the Management Package:

  • Recording Analytics: Displays top users by recording count and storage:
  • Ports Dashboard: Display number of concurrent endpoints connecting to Blue Jeans across time for all meetings:
  • Feedback Summary Dashboard: Displays quality ratings given by meeting participants.

Blue Jeans Primetime (General Availability)

The Blue Jeans Primetime interactive video events service, currently in Limited Availability, will become Generally Available on March 28, 2015. Primetime brings the video-centric experience of Blue Jeans meetings to large events, making it an ideal platform for town hall meetings, webcasts, and any online event that would benefit from enhanced moderation control and the capacity for up to 2,000 attendees.

  • Up to 100 fully-interactive presenters
  • Up to 2,000 watch-and-listen attendees (no plugin required)
  • Enhanced moderation controls, including the ability to promote an attendee to a fullyinteractive presenter

Blue Jeans Primetime is sold on a per-event basis, with multi-event discount packages available. Learn more about Primetime at, or contact

Blue Jeans Relay (General Availability)

Blue Jeans Relay is a software solution that integrates customer-premise components and applications with the Blue Jeans cloud. Relay Touch, the first solution powered by Blue Jeans Relay, integrates calendar applications, conference room systems, and everyday tablet computers to make joining a Blue Jeans meeting easy and automatic. With scheduled meetings displayed on the Relay Touch app, participants can touch to join meetings from most H.323- and SIP-based conference room system, with no need to dial, pair, or enter a meeting ID.

Blue Jeans Relay is free for all Blue Jeans customers, although you must supply a suitable server to host the software and compatible tablets to deploy in your conference rooms. Once released (scheduled for March 31, 2015), you can find additional information at

Blue Jeans for Salesforce (Updated)

Blue Jeans for Salesforce integrates video collaboration and screen sharing within Salesforce and Chatter. This update adds support for Activity History logging within Accounts and Opportunities. Learn more about Blue Jeans for Salesforce at the Salesforce App Exchange.


Note: While we expect features described in this document to be implemented by their scheduled release dates, Blue Jeans may alter the availability date for one or more components to ensure quality and reliability.

Outlook Add-In Release 3.0 – Mar 03, 2015

Release 3.0 of the Outlook Add-In makes it easier to launch, schedule, and manage Blue Jeans meetings from within Outlook 2010 or 2013 for Windows.

New Features:

Instant Meeting

Start an instant Blue Jeans meeting directly from Outlook.

Smarter Scheduling

When adding a Blue Jeans meeting to a calendar appointment, you can now edit the invitation text and add attachments before sending the invitation to attendees.

Edit and Update Appointments

For existing calendar appointments that already contain a Blue Jeans meeting, you can now edit the content, date, and time, add participants, and send updates.

What's New

Click "About" from the Blue Jeans drop-down menu to open a window with descriptions of new features and fixes in the currently installed version of the Outlook Add-In.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Performance improvements and fixes.

Additional Information:


Like prior versions, Release 3.0 of the Outlook Add-In is compatible with Outlook 2010 and 2013 for Windows only. Note that Outlook 2011 for Mac does not support add-ins or plug-ins.


Scheduled for release on February 28, 2015.

Installation Instructions

  1. Visit
  2. In the Outlook Add-In section, click Download Now
  3. Once downloaded, double-click the executable file to initiate the installation process. The new software will replace any previously installed version of the Blue Jeans Outlook Add-In.

Release 2.9* – Jan 3, 2015

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes new features and product enhancements. See below for further details.

New Features:

Application Sharing

Now users have more content sharing options. In addition to sharing your full desktop, you can elect to share a specific application, such as PowerPoint, Word or a web browser. When you select an application to share, nothing else on your monitor is visible to other meeting participants.

Command Center – User Feedback Data

Command Center now has the ability to show the quality feedback users submitted at the conclusion of their meeting. This allows IT Administrators to correlate the user's feedback with the actual meeting quality data captured by Command Center, thus closing the loop on quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Feature Enhancements:

Floating Video Widget

When a meeting participant begins to share his or her screen, all other participants will now see the content in full screen, with a floating video widget to display other meeting participants. This widget can be moved and resized to the liking of the viewer. The traditional Blue Jeans Content Slider is still available if you prefer that approach to viewing content without a floating widget. Simply hover over the content to expose the slider, slide it to the left, and the floating widget will disappear.

Floating Widget

Content Slider

Browser Plugin Installation Resiliency

In the event that a plugin update is available, but the upgrade fails, the user will still be able to join the meeting with the plugin that was previously installed. This allows the user to attend the scheduled meeting and re-attempt to upgrade the plugin afterward.

Chrome 39 Support

The latest version of the Google Chrome browser requires the use of a 64-bit plugin, which Blue Jeans now provides for OS X operating system. Development of a 64-bit plugin for Windows is in progress, but Blue Jeans does currently support the 32-bit Windows version.

In-Meeting Quality Notifications

Blue Jeans has been making regular improvements to the user experience. Under certain conditions, there will now be in-meeting notifications designed to recommend user adjustments that will improve meeting quality. Blue Jeans will now notify users for the following conditions:

  • Speaking While Muted – In cases where a user's microphone is receiving audio but is muted within the Blue Jeans meeting, a notification will be provided to the user recommending they unmute to speak within the meeting.
  • High CPU Usage – Meeting participants that have high CPU usage can experience both audio and video quality issues. When this happens, the meeting participant will be notified that he or she may want to close some applications or turn off the webcam.

Streamlined Browser Join Flow – GA

With the 2.9 release, Blue Jeans is moving to a new browser join flow for all customers, unless you have specifically requested to continue using the older join flow.

The new join flow accommodates users who are accustomed to joining meetings by dialing in on the phone, then joining on video. Now, users have three options for sending/receiving audio and video. If you prefer to receive audio through your phone, selecting option 3 will prevent an audio feedback loop that some users were experiencing:

These are the features that are scheduled to be released on February 28th, 2015. While we fully expect all features to go live as planned, small delays do sometimes occur as we work to deliver the quality service that our customers have come to expect. Have questions or feedback about the release? Share your thoughts in the Blue Jeans Community

Release 2.8* – November 1, 2014

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes new features and product enhancements. See below for further details.

New Features:

Command Center – General Availability

The Blue Jeans Command Center is a service intelligence tool that offers real-time and historical data to IT organizations, including the ability to visualize, measure and manage their Blue Jeans deployment.

Command Center has two versions: Basic and Pro.

Command Center Basic features include:

  • Deployment Dashboard: See status, utilization, and geographic distribution at-a-glance.
  • Historical Reports: Meeting, endpoint, and network metrics for every conference.
  • Instant Access: Powered by the Blue Jeans cloud, you get deployment-wide reports with nothing to install, configure, or maintain.

The optional Command Center Pro upgrade adds:

  • Real-Time Meeting Metrics: Review metrics like host names, size, and recording status.
  • Real-Time Endpoint Metrics: Monitor quality-of-experience metrics for every endpoint.
  • Real-Time Network Metrics: Graph quality metrics like bitrate, jitter, and packet loss.
  • Data Export: Export metrics in CSV format for further analysis.

With the 2.8 release, Command Center will be generally available and all customers will receive complimentary access to Command Center Pro for a period of 30 days following the release. After the 30-day trial has expired, all customers who have not elected to upgrade will revert to Basic functionality.

As a Blue Jeans administrator, you can provide Command Center access to additional users within your organization at your discretion through the admin console (Manage Users > View / Edit Users)

Localization – French, Spanish and German

The 2.8 release adds support for French, German, and Spanish. This includes in-product text for the web browser and mobile endpoints, email invitations, and the web-based administrative console. To change your language settings, go to Personal Settings > Preferred Language. visitors can also change their language on the home page (coming on October 25th).

Microsoft Lync Connectivity Improvements

Now, it is easier than ever to join a Blue Jeans meeting directly from Microsoft Lync. For instructions on how to add a Blue Jeans
Contact to Microsoft Lync, click here.

For Windows Users:
Simply hover over the Blue Jeans Contact and click the Video icon.

When presented with the IVR dialog use your numeric keypad or launch the keypad for the Lync chat window to enter the meeting ID.

For Mac users:
(Note Lync version must be 14.0.10 for keypad to work)

Click on the Blue Jeans contact and click the "Start a video call" icon

When presented with the IVR dialog use your numeric keypad or launch the keypad for the Lync chat window to enter the meeting ID.

Feature Enhancements:

Screen Sharing Improvements

Now, the screen-sharing button is more visible to users participating in a meeting from the browser endpoint. There is also an improved flow that requires fewer clicks to begin sharing.

Additionally, adjustments have been made to overall interface behavior when receiving screen sharing, including the roster panel collapsing to provide increased screen real estate.

Due to significant enhancements, screen sharing quality and crispness will be greatly improved, in addition to being more resilient in low bandwidth scenarios.

Alternate, Streamlined Browser Join Flow

After rigorous user testing, Blue Jeans is unveiling a new process for joining a meeting from the browser endpoint. It accommodates users who are accustomed to joining meetings by dialing in on the phone, then joining on video. The new join flow will not cause an audio feedback loop and should simplify the join experience for new users:

Please contact Blue Jeans Customer Support to request that this join flow be enabled for your user account or enterprise. We recommend requesting this feature if you have heavy PSTN usage within your organization.

Improved Telephone Audio Quality

Improvements have been made to enhance the audio quality for participants that must dial into a meeting.

Improved Recording Playback

To improve the responsiveness of recording playback through a web browser, we have built a new media player. Now, users of Enhanced Recording have a better experience playing, pausing and scanning through their meetings.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provisioning Improvements
In the past, users could only be provisioned when logging in directly from their organization's main landing page. Now, users can be provisioned the first time they log in from the Outlook plugin or any Blue Jeans mobile client. Please contact Customer Support for more details on setting this up.

Log In from main website
Blue Jeans meeting participants from organizations utilizing single sign-on can now log into their accounts directly from

Video Capture Card Improvements

Several small bugs were resolved to improve the range of compatibility that Blue Jeans has with various video capture card models.

Have questions or feedback about the release? Share your thoughts in the Blue Jeans Community

Release 2.7 – Aug 30, 2014

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes new features and product enhancements. See below for further details:

New Features:

User Tagging

Blue Jeans now enables enterprise admins to tag users with information, such as their department (Marketing, Sales, etc.) This provides the ability to do things like internal bill-back by associating specific departmental tags with Blue Jeans meeting usage.

You can find these settings at: Admin / Manage Users / (click username)

Once you click on a user, you can add a tag at the bottom of their user profile.

If you click on the "Export User List" link at the bottom of the user list, you can also export a CSV file to analyze the data in Excel, or other applications.

Video Capture Card Camera Support

Blue Jeans now supports capturing video from Video Capture cards, allowing participants to use analog cameras. Audio capture through video capture cards is currently not supported but will be coming soon.

Feature Enhancements:

VP8 Support

Blue Jeans is now adding support for the VP8 codec for video and content sharing. This provides an improved video media quality experience in low-bandwidth situations.

64-Bit Internet Explorer Support

Blue Jeans has added official support for the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer, which is now the default browser on a Windows 8 installation. This means that meeting participants utilizing the Blue Jeans browser endpoint can now join through the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer.

Improved Linux Installation

Although Blue Jeans officially supports Ubuntu, Red Hat and Fedora, we strive to be supportive of the entire Linux community. We have implemented a change in our installation flow that gives end users the choice of both DEB (Debian) and RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) installers in situations where the distribution of Linux cannot be determined.

Improved Microsoft Lync Experience

In an effort to provide the best possible join experience through Microsoft Lync, we have improved the user interface to provide additional connection instructions for users that are connecting with Microsoft Lync.

Improved Screen Sharing over TCP

Blue Jeans now utilizes TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) for screen sharing. This improves quality and also provides a better experience when firewalls are set to be very restrictive.

Bandwidth Optimization Improvements

A great deal of effort has been placed on optimizing the meeting experience under poor bandwidth conditions. This includes situations where there is high packet loss or jitter, as well as situations where connectivity is generally lacking in available bandwidth.

CPU Utilization Improvements

The Blue Jeans browser client now has improved efficiency, helping it to consume a smaller portion of the CPU's processing power.

Echo Cancellation Improvements

Blue Jeans focuses effort on making audio improvements in every release, and 2.7 has a significant amount of improvement in the area of detecting echo and being able to suppress it. This includes support for an increasing number of A/V displays.

Time Zone Fixes

Blue Jeans has added a new, enterprise-level time zone field within the Enterprise Administration Console. This new field will be used as the default when new users are created. If no value is set in the enterprise-level field, PST/PDT will be used.

This field can be found under Admin / Group Settings / Group Info

Rename Meeting Recordings

Blue Jeans has added the ability for users to rename their recordings through their Blue Jeans account. By default, every meeting hosted in a user's persistent, personal meeting room has the same name (i.e. Jeff's Meeting). Now, users are able to change the name to something more representative of the meeting that took place, such as "Sales Training."

Release 2.6 – May 14, 2014

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes features and fixes that enhance the Blue Jeans service. See below for further details.

New Features:

Meeting Recording

You can now record, watch and share your Blue Jeans meetings.

  • Basic vs. Enhanced Recording

    There are two levels of meeting recording available—Basic and Enhanced. Organizations can upgrade users to Enhanced Recording through the Premium Features Package. Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to upgrade.

    Until May 28th, Enhanced Recording will be free for all customers. After that time period, all customers who have not purchased the Premium Features Package will revert to Basic Recording functionality.

    *Note to Beta Participants
    If your organization took part in the Recording Beta and has not purchased the Premium Features Package, your original recordings will retain enhanced playback functionality. However, you will default back to Basic Recording functionality for all future meetings beyond the trial period ending May 28th. Learn more about Meeting Recording here.

  • Administration Controls

    Found in – Admin/Group Settings

    • Recording enablement: you can choose which users within your enterprise have access to recording; this includes the ability to disable the feature entirely.
    • Recording expiration: you can specify that, for example, recordings will automatically be deleted from user accounts after 90 days.
    • Sharing control: you have the ability to control how recorded content is shared within your organization. The settings include Private, Enterprise Access Only, and Enterprise and Open Access.
    • Recording activity monitoring: you can view which users within your organization are using recording, including the number of total recordings, hours of recorded content, and active users.

Large Meetings

Blue Jeans is now able to extend your meeting capacity from 25 video and/or audio endpoints to 100 through the Large Meetings add-on feature. If the meeting moderator's account is enabled for large-capacity meetings through an enterprise-wide license, up to 100 endpoints will be able to join the meeting.

All existing features, including participant lists and meeting controls will remain the same. For large meetings, it is recommended that you enable the Mute Participants on Entry and Silent Participant Entry settings to minimize disturbances. These settings can be found under My Settings/Room Settings.

To upgrade your Blue Jeans service to support large meetings, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

Mute Audio Output

We have added the ability to mute your audio output during a Blue Jeans meeting. Examples of when you might use this feature include:

  • Joining via phone while viewing the meeting content from a laptop
  • While you're in a conference room, you may want to connect to the meeting to share your screen without using any cables

Mobile Updates

  • iOS
    The Blue Jeans iOS app now has stage-right / stage-left navigation that enables you to easily access menus within the app. You can now also share photos from your camera roll during meetings, view the participant roster, and invite participants on the fly. For more information, visit the App Store.
  • Android
    The Blue Jeans Android app now has stage-right / stage-left navigation that enables you to easily access menus within the app. You can also view a participant roster and invite participants on the fly. For more information, visit Google Play.

Feature Enhancements:

Resize Sharing Widget

Blue Jeans now enables meeting presenters sharing content from the browser to resize the far-end video window. This enables them to have more flexibility in how they view other meeting participants.

Audio Device Warnings

Certain devices conflict with echo cancellation mechanisms and are generally problematic with video conferencing services like Blue Jeans. End users will now be notified if they are using one of these devices.

*These are the features scheduled to be released on May 10th, 2014. While we fully expect all features to go live as planned, small delays do sometimes occur as we work to deliver the quality service that our customers have come to expect.

Release 2.5 – April 5, 2014

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes features and fixes that enhance the Blue Jeans service. See below for further details.

New Features:

Multiple-Monitor Screen Sharing

Blue Jeans now enables meeting participants to choose from multiple monitors when sharing content. This option only appears if external monitors are connected. If, for example, a participant has two monitors connected, he / she will have the option to select which monitor to share content from, as in the example below:

Silent Participant Entry

Blue Jeans now supports the ability to disable the standard participant entry and exit signals, including audible tones and pop-up notification banners. By enabling Silent Participant Entry Mode, you are able to avoid meeting disruptions. This is especially valuable during large meetings where there may be a significant amount of participants entering and exiting the meeting.

This setting can be found under My Settings/Room Settings:

Log-in Session Timeout

As an added security measure, Blue Jeans now allows Account Administrators to set a default "timeout period" for users who are logged into Blue Jeans. For example, an Admin could specify that after 120 minutes of inactivity, a user will automatically be logged out of Blue Jeans and cannot schedule or host meetings until logging back into their account. This new setting can be found under Admin/Group Settings/Group Info:

Apple Safari Extension with Google Calendar Integration

Users of the Apple Safari Browser now have the ability to schedule Blue Jeans meetings right from their browser window or within Google Calendar. The Safari Extension installs a button on a Safari browser window that enables users to start or schedule meetings with the click of a button. Within Google Calendar, users can "Add a Blue Jeans Meeting" and the Blue Jeans meeting information will populate into the meeting description.

You can download the Apple Safari Extension at:

Feature Enhancements:

Configurable Email Invitation

Enterprise admins now have the ability to determine the format of Blue Jeans meeting invitations sent by users within their organization. This new setting can be found under Admin/Group Settings/Group Info and offers the following options:

Improved Quality on Impaired Networks

Blue Jeans is continually fine-tuning bandwidth management. Updates for this release include:

  • Updated algorithms that ensure the highest-quality video during network impairment
  • Specific work on the TCP connection for the Blue Jeans Browser client to reduce video freezing in congested networks

Improved Screen Sharing

Blue Jeans has made the following enhancements to screen sharing:

  • Room Systems and Any H.323 / SIP Devices
    • Improved bandwidth utilization for room systems using H.239 or BFCP, resulting in sharper images for screen sharing
  • Blue Jeans Browser Plug-in
    • Improvement in frame rate of browser client

Audio Enhancements

Blue Jeans is continually fine-tuning the audio experience. This release includes:

  • Echo cancellation improvements – auto-switch to half-duplex mode for certain devices
  • Keyboard noise and mouse click suppression improvements
  • MacBook Air audio improvements – special fix needed due to microphone placement on MacBook Air

Streamlined SAML SSO Provisioning and Configuration

Now, users won't need to input personal settings for Moderator Passcode and Room System Setup—these can be auto-provisioned by the Account Admin. As a result, the user will no longer receive a provisioning email after they register for a Blue Jeans account.

Recording Beta Update:

Enterprise Recording Content Control

As an enhancement to the meeting recording feature, we have added the ability to control how recorded content is shared within your organization. At the Group Administrator level, you can choose from the following sharing options, found under Admin/Group Settings/Group Info:

Recording Sharing Options for Individual Users

  • Choose Sharing Settings
    • Individual users will be given the ability to share meeting recordings within the restrictions set forth by their organization's Recording Sharing Preferences

  • Share by Copying or Emailing Link
    • Once the user selects the group they would like to share their recording with, they can copy the link and share it, or email the link.

*These are the features scheduled to be released on April 5th, 2014. While we fully expect all features to go live as planned, small delays do sometimes occur as we work to deliver the quality service that our customers have come to expect.

Release 2.4 – January 18, 2014

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes features and fixes that enhance the Blue Jeans service. See below for further details.

Feature Enhancements:

Premium Calling

Blue Jeans has added additional dial-in numbers:

  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • South Africa

Blue Jeans now offers premium dial-in numbers that can be used at an additional per minute charge. Blue Jeans has added premium numbers for the following countries:

  • China
  • Colombia
  • Hungary
  • India (Toll Free)
  • Indonesia (Toll Free)
  • Malaysia (Toll Free)
  • Philippines (Toll Free)
  • Russian Federation
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan (Toll Free)
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates (Toll Free)

For a full list of audio dial in numbers, please visit For pricing questions, please contact

Meeting Recording & Playback - BETA

Blue Jeans is now offering Recording & Playback in BETA. This new feature allows meeting hosts to record Blue Jeans meetings and have the recording stored for future playback and sharing. During the BETA we will not be charging an extra fee for the service. Basic recording, limited storage and the ability to download the recording will be a "non-chargeable" feature. After G.A., there will be an extra charge for unlimited storage and the ability to stream recordings for playback from the cloud.

When a Blue Jeans meeting is recorded, it captures the live audio, video and content shared (including videos), from the host's view. This feature supports recording with a single participant in the meeting.

Note: the Recording & Playback BETA feature is not enabled by default. It must be enabled by your Blue Jeans Group Admin. To enable the feature, Admins must go to Admin/Group Settings/Meeting Preferences and check the "Enable Meeting Recording for my group" checkbox (Fig. 1).

Figure 1– Enable Video Recording for Group Setting

Once enabled all Blue Jeans account holders in the Group will see a banner (Fig. 2) announcing the feature.

Figure 2– Video Recording Now Available banner

For more information on enabling the feature and how it works, please see the Recording & Playback BETA Release Notes in the Blue Jeans Knowlegebase:

Learn more about this feature:

Linux Support

Blue Jeans now supports the following flavors of Linux:

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and above
  • Red Hat 6 and above
  • Fedora 12 and above

Log-in to Moderate

A new setting can be enabled to force all moderators to log into their account (from any device, including iOS and Android) before starting a meeting (Fig. 3). This configuration also comes with an exception whitelist, where IP addresses, or even entire IP blocks, can be set aside to bypass this logic.

Figure 3– Require moderator to log in to start meeting setting

Participant Count

Hosts and attendees can now quickly see a total attendee count on the participant roster (Fig. 4).

Figure 4– Total participant count

Quality Improvements

We have added improvements that will enhance the overall Blue Jeans experience.

Auto reconnect

  • Now when a browser participant loses their Internet connection and is dropped from a meeting, Blue Jeans will attempt to reconnect.
  • The participant will receive a "reconnect notification" letting him/her know that Blue Jeans is attempting to reconnect to the meeting.
  • Blue Jeans will attempt to reconnect to the meeting for up to 10 minutes.

Drop chat user from meeting

  • Now when a participant connects to a meeting through the browser and does not enable their audio or video, the host can drop that participant from the meeting.

Bandwidth management improvements for browser endpoint

  • Improve network-sensing algorithm in order to react quickly to changing network conditions.
  • Allow usage of the endpoint in more difficult networks
  • Reduce the chance of audio breakups

Improvement in overall audio clarity through a series of Digital Signal Processing enhancements provided both in our cloud S/W as well as in the browser client experience.

Echo Detection and Suppression

  • Blue Jeans will detect devices that have typically exhibited a high tendency for echo and will configure around these device specific issues.
  • In the worse case scenario, the browser endpoint will automatically enter a half duplex mode.

Fixed Issues:

Outlook Plug-in

We have fixed some issues with the Outlook plug-in, including:

Support for SSO flow

  • If SSO is enabled for your organization, Blue Jeans will detect that based off your Blue Jeans username and proceed with your SSO login window.

Plug-in being auto-disabled

  • We have fixed the Office version specific issues that were disabling the availability of the plug-in for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Blank invite

  • There were scenarios where due to machine specific application configurations that meeting invitations would go out and the invitation details for the invitee would be blank about receipt – the issue has now been resolved generally.

Note: The latest version of the Outlook plug-in will auto-update. However, if you deployed the Blue Jeans Outlook Add-in via Centralized Management, you will need to re-distribute the MSI file. For more information on Blue Jeans Outlook Add-in supported environments, search the Blue Jeans knowledgebase:

To install the update manually:

  • Log into your account at
  • Go to your Account (your name) in the upper right hand portion of the page
  • Go to "My Settings"
  • Go to "Applications/Plugins" and click "download"

Sharing Widget

The last Blue Jeans release (2.3) provided the ability to see remote participants in a "sharing widget" while screen sharing. When screen sharing from a Windows machine, the sharing widget window was also sent as part of the screen share. This has been fixed and is no longer sent as part of the screen share. It's now transparent to the participants for both Mac and Windows machines.

Moderator Pinning

We have re-instated the ability for a moderator to "pin" (Fig. 5 & 6) a single location into the main video window and push it out to all participants. Depending on the selected layout option the "pinned" location will appear in the following areas and will not move until the location is "un-pinned:"

Active Speaker: The pinned participant will be placed in the main video window
Active Presence: The top speaker will always be pinned, letting the secondary thumbnail video tiles be sorted by last speaker.
Constant Presence: The participant that is pinned will always be in the upper left-hand corner.

Figure 5 – Pinning                                                     Figure 6 – Select participant to pin

Hide Moderator Passcode

We have hidden the moderator passcode in the URL so when sharing your screen participants can't see the moderator's passcode in the Blue Jeans meeting URL.

CPU Utilization Improvements

We have made improvements to CPU utilization for the browser client. This helps improve the user experience for older machines that are lower in CPU performance by design and/or reduce the power that is required to participate in a Blue Jeans meeting.

When a presenter is experiencing high CPU levels: when presenting content (video sharing or screen sharing) and reaching undesirably high CPU levels, we will stop sending the presenter's video stream and continue to send only the content stream.

When a participant is experiencing high CPU levels: when receiving a presenter's content and video stream, and experiencing high CPU load, the participant will only receive the presenter's content stream.

In both scenarios, a notification will be sent to the effected party notifying them why the video has stopped.

Release 2.3 – November 16, 2013

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes features and fixes that enhance the Blue Jeans service. See below for further details.

Feature Enhancements:

Sharing Widget

The new Blue Jeans Sharing Widget gives meeting participants who screen share, the ability to see the far-end video via a small, movable window. Previously, presenters were unable to view remote video participants while sharing content, which made them feel disconnected from the other meeting attendees.

Figure 1 – Initiate screen sharing

Figure 2 – Share screen

When initiating screen sharing (Figure 1, 2), the widget automatically appears (Figure 3) and the video layout changes to 'Active Speaker' mode (from whatever mode it was previously in), displaying the most recent speaker in the widget window. Note: when screen sharing is stopped the layout will return to the selected layout option prior to screen sharing.

Figure 3 – Sharing widget window

On the Sharing Widget window, the presenter has controls to:

  • Mute audio
  • Mute video
  • Stop screen sharing
  • Minimize widget

Figure 4 - Sharing widget controls

Lync 2013 Support

With this release, Blue Jeans extends its Lync support to include support for Lync 2013. Lync 2013 includes support for the H.264SVC video codec, which Blue Jeans uses when connecting to Lync 2013 endpoints. H.264SVC benefits include lower CPU utilization, making it less taxing on the attendee's computer.

All features supported in other versions of Lync on Blue Jeans (OCS 2007 R2, Lync 2010, Office 365) are supported in Lync 2013. This includes screen sharing between other video systems and the Lync 2013 client (Figure 5).

Figure 5 – Lync 2013 participant receiving screen sharing from browser participant

Figure 6 – Lync 2013 client in meeting

Video Sharing (Beta) – Dynamic Bit-rate Support

For the Blue Jeans Video Sharing feature, we have improved the quality of the experience by adding Dynamic Bit-rate Support. The resolution selection feature has been replaced with logic that automatically detects your bandwidth and shares the video stream at the best possible resolution based on your available bandwidth.

Note: Video sharing is available on your account, but must be enabled by your Blue Jeans Group Administrator. The setting is located under Admin/Group Settings/Group Info/Meeting Preferences (Figure 7). If you have questions about this, please contact the Blue Jeans Support Team.

Figure 7 – Group Admin setting to enable video sharing

Android App

Blue Jeans for Android is now available for download in the Google Play Store. The Blue Jeans app works with the Blue Jeans service to allow users to host and join meetings from anywhere.

Fixed Issues:

Internet Explorer Support on Windows 8.x

Microsoft Internet Explorer v.11 on Windows 8.0 and above is now supported with the Blue Jeans browser plug-in.

Enterprise User Group Association

Customers have requested that when users within their organization unknowingly sign-up for a Blue Jeans Free Trial (vs. registering for their paid account under their Blue Jeans Enterprise Group) using the Enterprise's associated email domain, Blue Jeans will automatically move the user to the appropriate Enterprise group.

Known Issues:

Sharing Widget

When screen sharing from a Windows machine, the Sharing Widget window is also sent as part of the screen share. The presenter can use the minimize icon (Figure 8) on the widget's control panel to minimize the window if desired.

Figure 8– Sharing widget minimized

Release 2.2 – October 5, 2013

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes features and fixes that enhance the Blue Jeans service. See below for further details.

Feature Enhancements:

Group Chat

With this release, Blue Jeans has added support for Group text chat for both the browser and iOS client(s). This new functionality, allows meeting hosts and attendees to send chat messages to all meeting participants. Chat messages can be sent at anytime when there are participants connected to the meeting, including before the host has joined. Chat is a convenient way to communicate with attendees while not interrupting the person(s) speaking or the flow of the meeting.

The Group Chat feature will be enabled on all accounts when released. Customers who would like to have the feature disabled at the Enterprise level will need to contact support to have it disabled. The Blue Jeans Chat feature is currently a user setting under My Settings/Room Settings/Default Scheduling Options. It can also be enabled/disabled under Advanced Meeting Options when scheduling a meeting. Users can elect to enable/disable it on a per meeting basis, if they chose. Anyone attending a meeting (room system, desktop client, etc) can utilize the new text chat feature. Users just need to pair with the Blue Jeans web app to view/send text chat messages.

Figure 1 – Chat window

Figure 2 – Chat notification

Figure 3 – Chat iOS (iPad)

Mute On Entry

Blue Jeans has added a new meeting option that allows hosts to "Mute Participants On Entry." When selected, this automatically mutes each participant as they join the meeting, regardless of how they have connected (audio, room system, mobile device, etc.).

While this can be set as a default setting for all meetings, we recommend it be used for larger meetings. In a small meeting, with 1-2 participants, there is less reason to automatically mute attendees as they join.

This can be done under My Settings/Room Settings/Default Scheduling Options. It can also be enabled/disabled under Advanced Meeting Options when scheduling a meeting.

Figure 4 – Mute Participant on Entry

Enhanced Group Admin Reporting

Blue Jeans has enhanced Group Admin reporting to include a new Attendee History report. This report includes:

  • all audio and video endpoints connected to the call
  • inclusion of email addresses of attendees
  • listing of all unencrypted and encrypted video endpoints

This report can be found under the Admin/Meeting History tab.

Figure 5 – Attendee History Report

Please note: Meetings prior to this release will not be included in the data presented in the report.

Simplified In Meeting Invitation for Host

Now, when a host joins their meeting, and no one else has joined, a dialog is visible that makes it easy for the host to invite additional participants to the meeting by either copying the meeting URL to share via another means or to send an email invitation from Blue Jeans.

Figure 6 – New In Meeting Invitation for Hosts

Fixed Issues:

Moderator Mute Improvements

Moderators can now see when participants have muted themselves on the browser participant roster.

Figure 7 – Participant mute icon visible to moderator from self-muted participant

Release 2.1 – August 17, 2013

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes features and fixes that enhance the Blue Jeans service. See below for further details.

Feature Enhancements:

Opus Audio Codec Support

Blue Jeans now supports the Opus Audio Codec for browser participants. Opus is a next generation audio codec that is well suited for interactive, real-time applications over the Internet, like video conferencing. Opus is able to scale from low bit-rate narrowband audio all the way to very high quality stereo audio.

The addition of Opus support offers browser participants a significantly enhanced audio experience when connected to a Blue Jeans meeting.

Audio Enhancements

Blue Jeans is continually fine-tuning the audio experience. This release includes improvements to our echo cancellation, PSTN audio and overall audio quality for Blue Jeans browser participants.

Fixed Issues:

Chrome Extension Alternate Set-up for SAML Authentication

The Chrome Extension now provides an alternate setup method for Blue Jeans users that are members of an Enterprise Group with Single Sign-on (SAML) enabled.

The alternate setup flow allows users to simply enter their Blue Jeans Meeting ID and Participant Passcode (optional), instead of their Blue Jeans username & password.

Release 2.0 – June 29, 2013

This update to the Blue Jeans service includes features that enhance Enterprise branding, the general availability of Lync screen sharing, German language support and Google Calendar integration. See below for further details.

Feature Highlights:

Enterprise Web App Branding

Blue Jeans is now offering customers the ability to brand the Blue Jeans web app experience with their own company logo (Figure 4). This gives customers a way to extend their brand into the Blue Jeans experience helping to make it more pervasive throughout their organization. Branding is currently only supported in the web app and email invitations (no IVR or in meeting) and includes the customer logo in the upper left hand corner of the web app (with the Blue Jeans branding/logo on the lower left) and email invitations.

This enhancement pairs well with Blue Jeans Custom Landing Pages (Figure 5) that may also be customized with customer logo. See examples below. Both custom Enterprise Web App branding and Custom Landing Pages may be implemented at an additional cost. Please contact your Blue Jeans Account Rep, Customer Success Manager or Support for more details.

Web App Branding

Figure 4 – Web App branding

Custom Landing Page

Figure 5 – Custom Landing Page

Enterprise Email Customization

In response to customer requests, we will be offering our Enterprise customers a way to add custom text to their outgoing Blue Jeans meeting invitations. The first phase of this feature will require Group Admins to work with Blue Jeans to add the custom text. There is no option to set the text within the Group Admin profile/settings at this time. Also, the text will be included by default on all outgoing invitations for the entire Group.

For more information on enabling Enterprise Email Customization, click here

Enterprise Email Customization

Figure 6 – Enterprise Email Customization

Lync Screen Sharing General Availability

Lync screen sharing is now GA. This feature gives Lync users the ability to natively send and receive content (RDP) while in a Blue Jeans meeting with the full, high quality experience they expect. Content will appear in the content sharing window (versus in-band with the video).

This release supports screen sharing from:

  • Microsoft Lync 2010
  • Office 365 (w/ Lync 2010)

Note: Among the modes for content sharing on Lync, those supported in this release are Desktop and Program modes. Blue Jeans does not yet support the "Share" for PowerPoint Presentation, New Whiteboard and New Poll options. For more information on Lync screen sharing click here.

German Language Support

Blue Jeans now supports user-level language settings. The current supported language options are: English and Deutsch (German). Users can select their desired language from Account/My Settings/Profile Settings.

When a new user signs up or a non-account holder (meeting participant) connects to the web app, the language setting will be set based on their browser language setting. If it is set to a language not yet supported by Blue Jeans, English will be used.

Language support pertains to the web-app experience and not in-meeting screens (IVR, on screen displays, etc). For more information on setting your language preference, click here.

Google Calendar Integration

Blue Jeans has released an extension for Chrome that allows Blue Jeans meetings to be scheduled from within Google Calendar (Figure 7) or the Chrome browser. Google Calendar users can simply click a button to add pertinent Blue Jeans information into a new calendar event or from Chrome a user can click the installed Blue Jeans icon on the toolbar to Start an Instant Meeting, Schedule a Meeting, see My Meetings or access Extension Settings.

The extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store by searching 'Blue Jeans' or by clicking here. For instructions on how to set up the extension, click here.

Google Calendar Integration

Figure 7 – Google Calendar Integration

Fixed Issues:

Proxy Support

Previous Blue Jeans releases gave customers unable to connect to the Blue Jeans service, due to web proxies, the ability to join meetings from the browser by opening ports 5061 (TCP) and 5000 (UDP) on their firewall for a small range of Blue Jeans' IP addresses. While this worked for a majority of customers, some were still unable to connect.

This release extends proxy support to include support for Blue Coat and Microsoft proxy servers so that customers behind these proxies can now transparently connect to Blue Jeans.

Blue Jeans will support both hardware and virtual machine (vm) deployments with either explicit configurations via the proxy server settings or automatic configurations using script (PAC file). For more information on our proxy support, click here.

Outlook Addin

We have fixed the use of the personal meeting ID when scheduling a recurring meeting through the Blue Jeans Outlook Addin. Now you can choose to use the Personal Meeting for all your Outlook Add-in scheduled meetings and have that choice stay persistent. The prior release needed you make the selection each time you scheduled a meeting if you wanted to use the personal meeting ID for that meeting. If you have any questions about these features/enhancements, please contact the Blue Jeans Support Team.

Mute/Un-Mute Behavior

We have fixed the Mute/Un-mute behavior. When a moderator mutes a participant, it will show the participant is muted in the participant roster. When a participant mutes him/herself it will also show that the participant is muted on the participant roster. The previous release did not show when a participant had muted him/herself on the roster.

Single Sign-on Security

The password reset feature on the Blue Jeans website no longer allows SSO users to obtain a Blue Jeans username/password.

Audio Enhancements

Blue Jeans is continually evaluating and refining our audio quality to bring you the best audio experience possible. Therefore, we wanted to make you aware of some recent improvements we have made to our audio quality.

Audio quality improvements include:

  • Spe
    aker volume fix: this resolves issues where users reported Blue Jeans meetings had lower volumes than other applications running on their laptops/pcs.
  • Improved audio mixing: better mixing so less noise is transmitted to meeting participants. Improves the audio clarity when multiple people are speaking simultaneously, making it easier to understand what is being said and avoiding audio clipping.
  • Improved automatic gain control: provides more stable audio levels throughout the meeting experience. AGC effectively reduces the volume if the audio signal is strong and raises it when it is weaker keeping it consistent across the meeting. This is especially useful in situations where there may be high ambient noise (car, train, etc).