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Mobile Video Collaboration

Blue Jeans provides business-quality video collaboration from your mobile phone or tablet. No matter where you are, you can connect over video with others, whether they are using conference room video systems, laptops, or mobile devices. Even over your 4G / LTE network, you can expect business-quality video and collaboration features.

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Mobile Video Collaboration with Blue Jeans

Key Benefits

  • Join or host meetings from anywhere
  • Meet with people using conference room systems and laptops - more than just mobile to mobile
  • Facilitates seamless transition between work and personal life
  • Increased employee productivity
How will mobility change the face of videoconferencing

Mobility is changing the face of videoconferencing

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  • Collaborate with up to 25 participants right from your mobile device
  • Bi-directional document sharing
  • Real-time sharing of video files
  • Support for front and rear facing cameras
  • Control video layouts for active speaker, continuous presence or constant presence
  • Native gesture support includes pinch-to-zoom
Mobile Features


In addition to mobile devices, most companies have desktop software like Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber or Skype for internal chat and video. Some organizations also have conference room video systems for group video meetings. Blue Jeans enables all of these devices and services to connect to the same video meeting for simple, any-device collaboration.

Blue Jeans can connect your mobile device to:

  • Other Mobile Devices
  • H.323/SIP Room and TelePresence systems
  • Web Browsers
  • Software-based Video Clients
  • PSTN Audio

See our full list of supported platforms.

Blue Jeans Inteoperable Video Conferencing Solution

Ease of Use

Hosting meetings with your mobile device is incredibly easy using Blue Jeans.

  • Simple scheduling, including integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Click to join meetings from email invitation
  • Intuitive in-meeting controls to mute/unmute, share/view content, change layouts and view participants
Easy to Use

Content Sharing

You can easily share content with other meeting participants from your mobile device, including presentations, spreadsheets and videos.

  • Bi-directional screen sharing
  • View shared video files in synch with other meeting participants
  • Native gesture support including pinch-to-zoom
Blue Jeans Bi-directional Content Sharing

Cloud-Based Service

By leveraging the cloud, Blue Jeans offers a solution that connects devices together into multi-party video conferences without requiring MCU hardware. You can also add users on demand, at your own pace.

Enterprise Ready

You can instantly integrate mobile devices with your existing video infrastructure using Blue Jeans and manage everything from an intuitive admin console. Blue Jeans also has enterprise-grade security features that keep your organization protected.

Works with UC

Blue Jeans extends the reach of mobile video conferencing by connecting smart phones and tablets to unified communications solutions like Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber.

Simple Controls

Easily host or join meetings (with up to 25 participants) from your mobile device, change video layouts, mute audio/video and share and view content.



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With Blue Jeans we can easily bring together actors, casting directors, ad agencies, and producers in one convenient place connecting room systems to Skype. Blue Jeans has allowed us to bridge the gap between what our clients want and what we can provide. It’s really transformed the way we do business. When we found Blue Jeans, the light went on..
Ryan Mallus
Envision Studios
Blue Jeans has helped us tie our organization together better.  From remote workers to telecommuters to business travelers, with Blue Jeans everyone can connect from either our room systems or via Skype.  We don’t have to spend 15 minutes fiddling with the technology to make it work – it’s easy.
Jean-Francois Amoit

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