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Blue Jeans for Healthcare

The right prescription for advancing

Practice Telemedicine

People in rural areas simply don't have the same access to healthcare as those in major metropolitan centers. Blue Jeans lets patients connect to out-of-town doctors using any video-enabled device with an Internet connection and a Web browser.

Consult Specialists

Primary care providers can leverage Blue Jeans to consult specialists on complex diagnoses.Both parties can connect to the same meeting from whichever video service they already use. This ease of access means quicker, more effective treatment for patients.

Continue Education

Training and continuing education are often time consuming and cost-prohibitive. With Blue Jeans, in-service training can easily be scheduled and attended by geographically dispersed staff, without worrying about system incompatibility.

Group Therapy

Treatment often doesn't end after patients leave the hospital. Blue Jeans helps to connect patients to group therapy sessions over video so they can successfully recover from their ailments, both physically and mentally.

Companies in the Healthcare Industry are currently using Blue Jeans to…

  • Connect conference rooms at various oncology centers for knowledge sharing
  • Allow psychiatrists to meet with patients at home through a web browser
  • Enable doctors with iPads to videoconference into the office from home in emergency situations
  • Equip doctors to collaborate with each other as well as watch live seminars from the office or at home
  • Host group therapy sessions for oncology patients, enabling them to connect remotely through video conferencing
  • Facilitate communication between clinics in San Diego, Dallas, and Indiana by connecting room systems with Blue Jeans
  • Help physicians on the road to connect with the room system at their clinic using the Blue Jeans app
  • Connect remote offices and clinics to parent companies
  • Bridge rural clinics in Idaho to the main location in the city, creating a foundation for knowledge sharing and telehealth


Healthcare - Infographic

The Doctor Will See You Now

See how healthcare organisations and professionals can turn to the latest technologies to save money, whilst offering a higher quality of service.
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On-demand Videocast

Healthcare - On-demand Videocast

Mobile Health for the Masses:
How Video is Mobilizing Patient Care

Slalom Consulting will tell us how a Blue Jeans customer, Seattle Children's Hospital, is enhancing patient care through the use of mobile video conferencing.
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Customer Testimonial

Learn how Blue Jeans empowers Seattle Children's to provide the very best care for patients and enables face-to-face communication with partners and providers.
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