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Blue Jeans for Entertainment

Helping you collaborate and innovate

Collaborate Globally

You need the most talented people to create the best product, no matter where they are. With Blue Jeans, you can bring your own device and collaborate with global teams through the power of video.

Interview Talent

If you’re spending a lot of money for voice over talent, models, or actors, you want to know what you’re getting. With Blue Jeans, you can easily hold a videoconference with any candidate to find out if they fit the bill.

Share Video Files

With the Video Sharing feature, you can upload videos and share them in real-time during a videoconference. So if you need to review a rough cut of a trailer or show executives the new TV ad, Blue Jeans is the perfect platform.

Bring Your Own Device

When you make a phone call, you can reach anyone. Why should video conferencing be any different? Blue Jeans removes the traditional boundaries associated with video by supporting just about any video platform.

Companies in the Entertainment Industry are currently using Blue Jeans to…

  • Host global video meetings to review ratings of shows, with employees accessing from numerous platforms
  • Add bring-your-own-device interoperability with Microsoft Lync
  • Give product demos
  • Connect executives in the US with executives in Asia
  • Conduct candidate screens from a room system while the interviewees connect remotely from their PC
  • Hold team meetings between production managers and technical directors
  • Unify a global team of developers
  • Meet with external parties from Telepresence systems