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Blue Jeans for Education

Teaching and learning in the
comfort of Blue Jeans

Distance Learning

80% of administrators, policymakers and educators indicate that interactive video conferencing is helping schools achieve academic goals.

With Blue Jeans, professors can broadcast live lectures to students across the globe using video, in addition to sharing presentations in real time. Whether the course is fully online or based in a classroom, students can connect from their laptop or tablet and learn—wherever they are.

Guest Lectures

Studies show that when students see the connection between what they are learning and its real-world use case, their motivation soars, and so does their learning.

One of the best, and most popular, ways to make that connection is by introducing subject matter experts into education. Using Blue Jeans, guest lecturers can use video to reach a classroom full of students from across the world, no matter what video platform they're using.

Virtual Office Hours

Students, professors and counselors have busy schedules that don't always synch up. With the power of video collaboration, it's easy for students to utilize the resources that can help them succeed.

Using Blue Jeans, students can join office hours from their browser or mobile device and ask the questions that they have with little effort, eliminating the requirement to walk or drive to an on-campus location.

Universities and learning institutions are currently using Blue Jeans to…

  • Connect 300 remote advanced calculus students to the instructor's lecture hall room system
  • Host guest speakers in lectures, such as faculty at other institutions and industry professionals
  • Teach online sign language courses, leveraging video to enable real-time communication and learning
  • Allow students to have videoconference interviews with law firms through their on-campus career center
  • Enable students at satellite sites to collaborate from locations such as Portugal, China, India, and Silicon Valley
  • Hold nightly shared seminars with multiple universities in the states and abroad with 25-100 students, some in classrooms and some joining from laptops
  • Conduct 2-hour open Q&A "virtual office hours" with professors in both China and Germany
  • Facilitate online meetings for executive MBA students who are employees of Fortune 500 companies and travel for work