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Video Case Studies


Criteo uses Blue Jeans to train their employees and help them stay connected globally

Seattle Children's Hospital

Seattle Children's uses Blue Jeans to provide the very best care for patients and to communicate face-to-face with partners and providers

The Wharton School

Blue Jeans is creating interactive experiences for students at UPENN by connecting students and speakers face-to-face from anywhere.


Wikia utilizes Blue Jeans to host more collaborative internal meetings and broaden their audience reach at external, industry events with Blue Jeans Primetime


Netflix employees collaborate with vendors, distributors and each other over Blue Jeans video conferencing

Customer Montage

We have the privilege of working with a broad range of innovative customers across many industries. Hear what they have to say about using Blue Jeans!


Blue Jeans allows online and international students to engage face-to-face with USC's on-campus classes

Team Rubicon

Blue Jeans connects Team Rubicon's offices with disaster response teams in the field over video

Highwire Public Relations

Highwire Public Relations agency drives results by easily connecting face-to-face with their clients over Blue Jeans video conferencing


Viadeo, a leading social networking company, uses Blue Jeans to communicate across their global offices, and helps keep their teams in sync


99designs uses Blue Jeans to facilitate more effective collaboration and deliver the leading graphic design marketplace

Gavi Alliance

GAVI protects people's health in poor countries through immunizations and uses Blue Jeans to stay connected


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Telit uses Blue Jeans for executive meetings, team collaboration sessions and interviews


Blue Jeans allows Epilepsy Action Australia to offer educational programs to over 250,000 Australians affected by epilepsy


Video Conferencing that Expands the Reach of Counselling Services


Enhancing the Assessment and Accountability Standards of Engineers through Video Conferencing


A New Era of Telemedicine that Saves Patients, Reduces Risk and Adds Value


Mphasis provides Video and Audio to Employees and Executives Worldwide

Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the world's most influential dance education organisations


The Wharton School of Business bridges multiple campuses and creates online learning opportunities with Blue Jeans

Red Hat

Red Hat, the world's most trusted provider of Linux, uses Blue Jeans to collaborate across dozens of global offices

HKS Architects

As a global design and architecture firm, HKS uses Blue Jeans to collaborate and build relationships with customers

Forum of the Future

Forum for the Future, a nonprofit, helps companies create a sustainable future through face-to-face collaboration


Commonfund, an investment firm, utilizes Blue Jeans to hold video meetings with customers


Sarnova, a leading medical device distributor, uses Blue Jeans for sales training and minimizing travel costs

Veolia Transportation

Veolia provides private-sector transportation and uses Blue Jeans to help their on-the-go executives stay in touch


Unigene conducts groundbreaking scientific research by connecting remote scientists and analysts over Blue Jeans


EnergyNet is a leading oil and gas marketplace using Blue Jeans to enable al globteamwork and collaboration


OPower, a leader in the utilities industry, conducts video interviews over Blue Jeans to cut recruiting costs

Envision Studios

Envision Studios conducts online casting from 10 different facilities by auditioning acting talent over video

Global Witness


RBC Ministries









With the help of Blue Jeans, Facebook enables over 6,000 employees in 50 countries to stay connected


Making Global Recruiting Borderless with Video Conferencing


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Client Service

Helping you build lasting relationships


Teaching and learning in the comfort of Blue Jeans


Helping you collaborate and innovate

Financial Services

Helping you put clients first


The right prescription for advancing telehealth


Helping you find the right talent


Share your information with our technology


Helping you put clients first


Producing efficient business collaboration


Helping you collaborate on campaigns


Helping you stay connected


Helping you communicate and close


More Customers

AARP, Inc.
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals
Clark Construction
Dolby Laboratories Inc
American Tower Corporation
Rocket Fuel Inc.
Met Life Inc
Hill International
University of California-Riverside
National Geographic Society
Stanford University
Perkins Coie
Noble Energy
Red Hat
Princeton University
University of Michigan
Accel Partners
Rosetta Stone

Customer Testimonials

  • The new recording feature is yet another brilliant enhancement that has allowed us to move one step closer to a one tool fits all solution in the collaboration space.

    Ashley Azzopardi | Red Hat UK Ltd

  • With Blue Jeans Network's new recording feature, staff and faculty members can now seamlessly record info sessions that can be repurposed into webinars and accessed later. We are also able to use Blue Jeans for HR purposes, including taping interviews and using playback to make the best hiring decisions.

    Eli Jacobson | Brandeis University

  • We started using Blue Jeans to enable face-to-face collaboration between our employees in US-based and international offices; including Poland, Germany and the UK. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the service and its impact on our company culture. Recently Wikia started using the large-capacity meetings feature for all hands meetings (175+ employees and over 60 connection points). Employees join at different hours all over the world and it just works.

    Zack Blum | Wikia, Inc.

  • In February alone, we had over 30 Blue Jeans meetings with our members, project teams, working groups and committees who are located at campuses across B.C. Not only is our face-to-face communication more effective, but participation in meetings has greatly improved as people have the option to join the meeting from their home or office.

    Keir Novik | IT Manager, BCNet
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  • Blue Jeans works every time, the connections are reliable, sound and video quality are great and the user interface is simple. It's really everything I want out of a conferencing system. It works so well for me that it recedes into the background and I never think about it, and I always prefer Blue Jeans over everything else, even Skype.

    Rich Mintz | Executive Vice President, Blue State Digital

  • Blue Jeans allows us to leverage the significant investment we've made in traditional video conferencing infrastructure to meet with people connecting from consumer devices. We find new use cases for Blue Jeans daily; It's been used for everything from student debates, remote collaboration and presentations, to meetings with clinical faculty located in hospitals and pharmacies across the state.

    Casey Emerson | Director of Education Technology - UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy

  • Blue Jeans has helped us tie our organization together better. From remote workers to telecommuters to business travelers, with Blue Jeans everyone can connect from either our room systems or via Web browsers. We don't have to spend 15 minutes fiddling with the technology to make it work – it's easy.

    Jean-Francois Amoit | Technology Operations Manager - Cybera