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Once in awhile, there comes along an application that defies the norm and spreads like wildfire. This application delights users with intuitive as well as friendly UI, powerful search, and extensive integrations. This application is Slack.

Along with Slack’s tremendous user growth comes the growth in the number of integrations that Slack currently supports, with nearly 80 integrations now available in Slack’s integration store. Slack’s robust APIs and highly responsive team make it easy for 3rd party developers to build integrations for Slack. In fact, as recently as this summer, Slack customers have enabled over 900,000 integrations for their teams.

As a Slack user, I can attest to messaging with multiple colleagues only to realize that I couldn’t effectively communicate my ideas without a face-to-face meeting. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that most members of my team are located in India. Short of inventing teleportation, it would not be possible for me to easily meet with my globally-distributed team members without leaving Slack until now.

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At Blue Jeans, we strive to make video ever more seamless and accessible. This is why we are thrilled to announce Blue Jeans is now a part of the VMware Workspace Suite, which includes Horizon desktop virtualization, VMware Identity Manager, Horizon FLEX and AirWatch enterprise mobility management.

VMware Workspace Suite customers can now seamlessly login to Blue Jeans for a meeting whether they are a Blue Jeans customer, or simply want to give the app a try. This holds true whether accessing VMware Workspace Suite from their desktop or via mobile, thanks to Blue Jeans’ integration with AirWatch.

To provide this experience, Blue Jeans has integrated the ACE (App Configuration for Enterprise) open standard, which gives customers on managed devices instant access to Blue Jeans with a single tap of the app. This delivers the same native experience of the Blue Jeans app, making Blue Jeans even more enterprise-friendly for customers.

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 A report from across the pond. Blue Jeans, Senior International Marketing Manager, Erin Denlea, located in our London office, sent over the 2015 Upclycling Research Report, and here's what she had to say. 

It’s always fascinating for us to look at the ways video conferencing can positively impact a business, from helping to improve customer relationships to increasing overall productivity. In a time where remote working is constantly on the rise, businesses need to take advantage of it to enable their employees to work from anywhere, whilst maintaining efficiency. 

With that in mind, we recently launched our 2015 Upcycling Research Report, a thought-provoking industry insight piece looking at how businesses currently use video conferencing, how it impacts them and what is currently holding their progress with the tool back.

It found that whilst businesses recognise the benefits of video conferencing, almost half (41%) still lack the technology to use it effectively. It is clear that there is a significant gap between what organisations see as a useful tool and the number of businesses who physically have the right technology in place to make use of it.

The report also found that video conferencing:

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We sat down with Ashley Azzopardi, Principal Services Architect, Enterprise IT Services over at Red Hat who told us how he is getting his employees to #SEEtheDifference video can make. No more audio-only calls for Red Hat. Read on for Ashley's Five Video Enhancement Tips.

When asked what impact Red Hat has seen since adding Blue Jeans as a service for our 7,000+ associates, I would say Blue Jeans videoconferencing has positively changed how we communicate and openly collaborate here at Red Hat.

Before Blue Jeans, the majority of Red Hatters used audio conferencing to connect with each other for meetings. It was easy to miss information and misunderstand colleagues using only audio. If there was a need to present materials, we would use a separate screen sharing tool. With Blue Jeans, gone are the days of dialing into a meeting with a separate link for screen sharing. With one link, associates are able to collaborate more efficiently.

Here are five enhancements we’ve experienced with video meetings via Blue Jeans:

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In 2010, Wired Magazine published the now infamous “The Web is Dead” cover story, which suggested that it was time to “kiss your browser goodbye,” and that native Desktop Apps will rule the net. But apparently, "The reports of the Web death have been greatly exaggerated.” With the help of Mozilla and Google, the browser kept its role as the favorite destination for online apps.

When Blue Jeans Network was founded, its mission was to make video conferencing accessible and easy to use. Those who followed us early on know that to achieve that easy-to-use goal, we came out with the first true video interop solution, and shortly thereafter, we added a Browser option to the mix. Within a few months, the Browser took off and became the favorite join option, even to this day.

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Meeting face to face has become the norm at your company. The phones have become dusty because you’ve been meeting in person when you’re in the office, or over video when at home and on the go. The adoption of video conferencing has spread throughout your business like glitter and glue in a kindergarten classroom.

But through all of this, you’ve been feeling like something is missing. You know that video conferencing has inherent value, but you've been looking for the best way to demonstrate return on investment. Well, Blue Jeans is here to help! We’ll show you how you missed that 3-hour flight delay, that 30 minute argument over the rental car insurance, and even the 30 seconds of crying because the hotel gave your room to someone else. Now you can find out exactly what you’re missing - and what you’re saving - thanks to the *NEW* ROI calculator within Blue Jeans Command Center Pro!

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At Blue Jeans Network, we are intrigued by the modern meeting landscape. We’ve enjoyed seeing videoconferencing transcend from simply being a day-to-day office tool to becoming a definitive aspect of acompany’s collaborative culture. We understand meetings continue to transform— and we wanted to explore how. The annual State of the Modern Meeting Report is back, with new stats that give us a vivid picture of what today’s meetings look like. We’ve provided the tools — and now, the trends— to help deepen your insight on how to improve your next collaboration and boost your team’s productivity.

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Assessing the complexity of delivering video over the Internet

On Aug 3, 1492... almost exactly 523 years ago to the day, Christopher Columbus left on a voyage that would ultimately lead to the discovery of America. His primary tool for navigation: a compass. His discovery, an accident. A mistake, really- he was trying to find a western sea route to China, India, and the fabled gold and spice islands of Asia.

This historic serendipity would not have been possible without the compass, which led to arguably the most influential discovery. In history. Ever.


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As a growing company, we have more vendors coming at us now than ever. They know we are expanding, they know we have funding, and they know we need resources. Now, I might sound totally biased when I tell you this; but I simply could not imagine vetting a vendor or maintaining a vendor partnership without the use of video.

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Admit it, we just can’t take it easy anymore. Summer used to be a time marked by long sunny days that were perfected with a tall glass of sweet tea and vine ripened fruit.

These days, summer time means busy parents rushing through traffic to make their morning meetings after chauffeuring their kids to yet another summer camp; managers hustling to make sure effective team collaboration doesn’t stop as their employees take a much deserved break.

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