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We’re proud of our customers. You constantly impress us with stories of how you use Blue Jeans to innovate, collaborate, and give back to others–including giving to Habitat for Humanity.


Huh? What’s that?


Now, if you refer a friend to Blue Jeans and they sign up for a free trial, we’ll give you a $25 Amazon gift card. More importantly, we’ll also give $25 to Habitat for Humanity, on your behalf.

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Video conferencing deals with bringing together geographically distant people in order to conduct a meeting that will be beneficial to both of their professional goals. These online meetings are the latest way for corporate entities to deal with offices in different cities or even countries. So why have so many corporations adopted video conferencing? There are a lot of reasons that businesses use this technology to help the collaboration of their teams.

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While the quickly evolving video communications industry is definitely playing out like the Wild West right now, along with many others, I am struggling to see the strategy behind Cisco's purchase of Acano for $700 million last week.

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If you’ve ever been involved in putting on a webinar, you know there is a great deal of preparation involved: preparing content, creating slides, locking down guest speakers, driving attendance, testing the broadcast technology, and more.

If you are lucky enough to be the host or moderator of a live webinar, there is a whole list of other things to consider. I’ve moderated several webinars, or videocasts, as we call them at Blue Jeans, and have learned a few tricks along the way. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to consider if you’re hosting a webinar for your company.

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Meeting online, even over video, is much different than sitting in a boardroom communicating face-to-face with someone, but that doesn't mean etiquette doesn't apply. To the contrary, since you're communicating over video, the opportunity for miscommunication is much higher, and thus, you should pay close attention to how you're conducting yourself. While there isn't an official code of conduct for how to create the best online meeting experience, there are certainly some guidelines to keep in mind.

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Web conferencing meetings are an effective way for companies to get in touch with all their employees, wherever they may be. While the concept is nothing new, platforms are beginning to offer more intuitive features, which are enhancing the quality and productivity of these online interactions. But even with a host of easy-to-use features and high quality camera streaming, there's still a proper etiquette to follow to ensure your web conferencing meetings become interactive web conferencing meetings.

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As each day goes by, the modern workforce is becoming increasingly demanding. With a wide range of apps, devices and technologies available in our personal lives, it’s understandable that we want this to translate into our working lives.

In recent years, there have been vast changes in the ways employees and offices operate such as the trend towards remote workforces and BYOD (bring your own device). This has been made possible due to developments in collaboration technology such as cloud-based video conferencing and document sharing capabilities. The widespread use of the cloud has greatly increased flexibility and mobility so that employees can now easily work from anywhere in the world.

At Blue Jeans, we’re pioneers in cloud-based video conferencing–and innovation is at top of our list. That’s why we’ve launched Blue Jeans 3.0.

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Today, Apple released the highly anticipated iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is Apple’s business tablet that has high resolution, great multitasking and other business-friendly features. Enterprises will be able to benefit from the new size, Smart Keyboard Cover, sound and processor that the iPad Pro has to offer users. In some cases, this device will allow users (like myself) to totally move away from laptops.

The Blue Jeans mobile team has been hard at work to make sure we have DAY ZERO support for this #AWESOME device. We have optimized layouts, tested and certified our app to work on the iPad Pro. We are proud to announce that our new version of Blue Jeans for iOS (2.3.5) supports the new iPad Pro. We have also made large in-meeting improvements and have a lot more coming out this year so #staytuned.

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Microsoft has always had a tight grip on the enterprise software market. With the overall shift to the cloud, many would have questioned Microsoft’s ability to stay in the lead. Questions about Microsoft’s competitiveness in the enterprise software market–now dominated by cloud applications–may have been valid just a year ago, but not anymore.

According to a new report from Bitglass, Office 365 has overtaken Google Apps in the business market by more than tripling its share in one year from 2014.

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James Campanini wrote the follow piece from across the pond in London, where he runs our EMEA Sales team and acts as GM for Blue Jeans UK. 

Combatting Crises with Cloud Technology

We live on tenterhooks wondering when and if the next business crisis may occur, what it will be, and how it will impact our working lives. First we had the threat of the tube strikes last month and now we have the Rugby World Cup creating the fear of overcrowded trains and general travel disruption. As a result, HR managers have had to make plans to ensure the impact and disruption on employee productivity and welfare during these ‘peak’ times is minimised.

It’s no secret that cloud technology has been a saving grace for businesses at times like these, as it provides an infrastructure that allows businesses to run smoothly regardless of location, or sporting events. But how does it do this?

Stay Connected

In today’s environment, we need regular contact with co-workers, suppliers and customers. Should a crisis situation occur, it’s crucial this connectivity isn’t interrupted.

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